Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year Challenge: Week Three!

Phew. Really glad to see this week end. Two and a half baths are NOT fun to clean. However, the result makes it completely worth all the hard work! Don't you agree? I'm sure you do, because I know you kept right up with me and finished making your bathroom(s) sparkle! (Haven't started the challenge yet? That's ok, start here at the beginning and then go here for week one check in) We'll keep with the theme from last week, so let me show you how I did.

(This applies to all bathrooms)

  • Showers emptied, scrubbed, products organized and replaced? Check!
  • Vanities and Drawers emptied, washed (inside and out), products organized and replaced? Check!
  • Toilet scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed? Check!
  • Floors washed? Check (I deep scrubbed the heck out of those bad boys!)
Other Accomplishments (i.e. things I should have told you to do....but forgot):
  • Toilet brushes cleaned
  • Garbage cans cleaned inside and out
  • Rugs laundered
  • All items refilled- back stock put away
Like I said up there, phew. Oh and I know ya'll are visual folks, so let me show you how they look!

Half Bath:

Guest Bath:

Master Bath:
And remember that I told you we needed to keep up on our bedrooms as well? Well, I made sure that I did. Just for all of you :) And to prove it, I snapped some very candid shots today. No prepping for these, which means you get to see my bed after being nestled by one naughty puppy while I was busy cleaning. The bedrooms were dusted, mirrors cleaned and floors vacuumed once this week. Oh, and I didn't take pics of my drawers, but I promise, they are all still completely organized.

Don't forget to post YOUR results in the comments!!! Free pats on the back if you do!

Ok, done with that. Now moving on, because this is the exciting part right? And here is me being completely honest with you, because I like being honest. I chose our next room because mine is disgusting me as I type. It's quite possibly the most frequently used room in our house, and it needs some TLC. Stat.

  • Interiors organized* (if they aren't already)
  • Exteriors cleaned with all purpose cleaner
  • All items removed and cleaned
  • Counters washed- don't forget the edges!
  • All items replaced- but for simplicities sake, try to not put back at least one item- keep the counters as decluttered as possible!
  • Exteriors scrubbed
  • Fridge- remove food items, discard expired items, wash shelves and drawers, replace food in organized manner
  • Sweep
  • Mop (Or in my case Hoover FloorMate them)
  • Afterward- sweep daily
  • Clean Kitchen Table
  • Clean Garbage- inside and out
*You might be thinking- why aren't we cleaning out the interiors as well? I've found that to be an extremely time consuming project! So, rather than do them all at once, I just do one a month or so. Start this month by picking one to empty out, clean the interior and replace the items.

This just might win for longest post ever. Sheesh, am I almost done yet???

And just like last week, don't forget our ultimate goal. Deep clean today, maintain tomorrow and beyond. So on top of cleaning your kitchen, don't forget your weekly chores of dusting and vacuuming the bedroom and maintaining your closet. And now, adding this week, wipe down your bathroom counters, toilets, mirrors, daily spray the shower and sweep the floor.

Next week we'll check in to see how you did on the kitchen as well as maintaining the bathroom and bedroom. Don't forget to stop back in and let us know how it's going! I hope you are sticking with it! And just in case you are thinking of quitting, I'm calling you all out here with your special "pat on the back." I hope I can put your name up here again next week!

Way to GO!

rap and tric

Now off you go! Clean! Conquer the dirty!


  1. OK! I'll be joining you for this one. My bedrooms and bathrooms were done from a deep cleaning/nesting phase I recently went through, but my kitchen is another story!

    Now that I am on maternity leave (38 1/2 weeks pregnant), I will start tackling this one tomorrow. I have really been dreading this one, but it NEEDS to be done :)


  2. I'm a bit out of sync this week - I am in London for work all week, but finished UNPACKING my suitcase (hanging things up and putting things in drawer) which I NEVER do when I travel - so does that count?

    I did do the bathrooms and bedrooms, and actually did an overhaul reorg/deep clean of my kitchen right after new years. I do need to clean out the fridges though so I'll do that as soon as I get back in the States - I promise!

  3. Girl, I love your bathroom decor. Total fabulousness!

  4. I just found your blog and am love. I have been doing a lot of re-organizing this month on my own so I'm trying to get all previous challenges that I've missed completed this week!

  5. JD 2 B- welcome! I'll be re-running the challenge I did last year again, so make sure to join us for that too!

  6. Well, I got one shower scrubed, and the tub toys cleaned, and under the sink sorted out. But cleaning and mopping still have to happen. And, (shamefully) the laundry hamper has exploded all over our room again, so I have to get that under control. (the baby belly makes doing laundry hard!) The kitchen, however, is half scrubbed because I did that right before New Years, so I am ahead there!
    I look forward to doing the other challenge! Rountines have disappeared in this house, and this current challenge would be easier if the basics were habits!

  7. A lil behind in posting my results but my bathrooms are looking wonderful!

  8. I'm making progress, slowly but surely. I'm planning to finish up all the loose ends so I'm ready to go on Monday for week 4!


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