Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year Challenge: Week Two

One week down. So, how was it? Did you make it through? Or are you stuck under a never ending pile of clothes that have escaped your closet? I'll be honest. This wasn't easy for me since I was gone half the week, but I still managed to get it done. Did you wake up each morning with a sense of refreshment while your eyes bounced around your super clean and organized room? I know mine did!

The check in for this week will go as follows, indicate which pieces of the rooms you finished. And don't be discouraged if you couldn't get it all done! Just add it to your chores this week.

For example, here is my list:

Closets emptied, cleaned and organized: Check!
Bedding removed, cleaned and replaced: Check!
Furniture & Fixtures dusted: Check!
Windows cleaned: Check!
Floors vacuumed or cleaned: Check!

Other Accomplishments:

Fresh, clean bedding:

Newly organized closet:
Socks are organized by color:

Reply in the comments with your results!

I'm sure you are just waiting on the edge of your seat wanting to know what we are going after this week, right? It's my favorite (said with the biggest eye roll this side of the Mississip).

  • Remove all products
  • Scrub the tub
  • Organize and replace products
  • Use a daily shower cleaner to keep up on grime

  • Remove everything from the counter tops, drawers and cupboards
  • Clean with an all purpose cleaner- including the counter, insides of drawers and cupboards
  • Organize all the goodies you removed- toss at least 3 items
  • Put all the items back

  • Use toilet cleaner for the bowl (A great green cleaner that deodorizes as well is to just pour 2 cups of vinegar in the bowl, let sit for a couple hours or overnight, scrub with a brush and flush)
  • Use an all purpose cleaner for the exterior, don't forget the top and handle

Now, keep in mind, the goal is to deep clean everything so that we can just keep up on things. So, while we've added bathrooms this week, I don't want you neglecting your newly cleaned bedrooms! What? You thought you were done? Heck no lil lady (or man if that's the case...I don't discriminate)! So on top of your bathroom chores this week, dust and vacuum your bedrooms. Shouldn't be too difficult, they are relatively clean! Also, be certain that you are keeping up on your closet. Clothes either go in the hamper or in drawers, not on the floor!

When we check in next week, we'll see how you did on your bathrooms as well as check in to see how your bedroom is looking. So get to moving! I can't wait to hear how you all did in the first week! Keep up the good work!


  1. I just posted my results from this past week's challenge! I didn't get it all done but I plan on finishing the rest today.

    And I'm so glad bathrooms are next because I was JUST telling my husband yesterday that we really need to purge the bathroom cabinets and drawers next.

    THANKS for hosting a great challenge!

  2. My closet is spotless, two huge piles of stuff are on their way to Goodwill, and my underware drawer is so organized I can find things in the for the abyss under the bed! This is lots of fun! Thanks for doing this!

  3. Since I am throwing a party this weekend, last weekend I had to clean my WHOLE house and paint one room....BUT I left the bedrooms to be cleaned this week. All I did for the challenge was launder all sheets, comforters...etc. It should all be done before Friday including the Bathrooms!

  4. Since the Christmas decorations are organized and put away I organized more than one closet. I'm still in the process of doing my bedroom closets. I've got a LOT of stuff to donate, and seeing how nice it looks I just want to keep donating. So I'm going to do that this week along with my daily chores.

    I LOVE this. I truly felt like I was ready to tackle some projects I've been putting off, because my house was already clean by the weekend. I've got my daily chore list on my fridge and I check things off as I do them every day. My husband even looks at it, and helps out.

    This is wonderful!!!

  5. I have no pics yet but my closet is more organized than it's been in years.

  6. This was much needed...I went through shoes I have had for years but cannot wear anymore and got a bag together to give to Goodwill, and went through my clothes and boxed up clothes that are too big to wear and such. I went through and sorted so much and got rid of so much, its amazing how much room you can find.

  7. I posted my update last week - like others this was so needed! I purged a ton of clothes,shoes and purses to Salvation Army and I organized and stored clothes that do not fit me right now and I removed maternity clothes...finally, I am almost 10 months post-partum!! It was a breeze to clean b/c my closets and drawers were practically empty!

    We only have a small, hallway bathroom upstairs that I would love to avoid...thanks for the challenge.

  8. Well unfortunately I'm a failure (except I did clean the sheets in ours and the guest room):(. I was out of town a good portion of last week, but this weekend I plan to get a TON done- bedrooms and bathrooms and employ the help of my darling husband! I'll be sure to check in Monday- wish me luck! Thanks for hosting!


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