Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Year Challenge: Week Six!

A day late and a dollar short, or just the day late. I got sidetracked by our growing family room project, but it feels good to get that started. So please forgive me as I'm bringing you the check in a day later than schedule. Still here nonetheless. So you had to tackle the dining room and the office or whichever you have in your abode. For me, it's both. Let's do the requisite check in.

  • File all papers- Done!
  • Go through files and discard/shred old items- Done!
  • Declutter and discard unnecessary items- Done!
  • Organize Desk- Done!
  • Dust from top to bottom- Done!
  • Clean windows- Done!
  • Clean floor- Done!

Dining Room:
  • Dust from top to bottom- including accessories- Done!
  • Clean interior of china cabinet and sideboard- Eeek, ran out of time! I'll add it to my weekly clean this week.
  • Clean the floors- Done!
  • Clean windows- Done!
So how did you do? Are you all caught up? If not, its ok! Just keep working at it! And of course the photos. The dining room, one of my favorite rooms in the house:

And the office, which you've seen before, so you know its nothing special. Even though Carl and I both often work from home, it just hasn't earned a spot high on the priority list. It could quite possibly be partially because 99% of the time, I work from the kitchen table.

But now, the final week is upon us! Yes, this is your last week of the New Year Challenge! It's time to round up all those untouched areas.

Foyer/Entry & Hall Closets

Dust from top to bottom (don't forget ledges)
Clean Floor
Clean Windows
Clean Fixtures

Empty, purge and organize

Not bad for the last week. I thought I'd take it easy on you. I know you can do it and I can't wait to round up this whole challenge next week! So don't forget to check in now and then stop back so we can celebrate the end!


  1. i work from home, and i find myself doing most of my work on the sofa or on the coffee table while i watch TV :-)! LOVE your dining room!

  2. I'm taking a hiatus from the challenge cause we're buying a house and my apt. is in packing disarray. I hope you leave these up so I can come back to them after we get settled. We're set to close the last weekend of March so hopefully by Mid-April I'll be ready to tackle again.

  3. Mrs A- of course they will stay up! And I'll have them in the sidebar as quick links when it is done. I'll be starting up the daily challenge again shortly after this challenge too, so hopefully you can join in that one!


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