Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Year Challenge: Week Seven!

Ok, it's the last week to check in! Don't be shy. I want to hear how you did. And I'd love to hear your thoughts on it overall if you are willing to share. Here's how I did.

Dust from top to bottom - Done!
Clean Floor- Done! (multiple times....)
Clean Windows- Done!
Clean Fixtures- Done!

Empty, purge and organize- Done!

Plus- of course the standard maintenance of the rest of the rooms.

Luckily, these areas are kept up for the most part. I try not to let the closets get cluttered. Let's see the photographic proof! I didn't shoot all of them, but this should satisfy your visual needs.

The pantry before:

It got a little special attention by way of new canvas totes. Now my cleaning supplies and Gibson's goodies are concealed a bit better.

And then the entryway. Pretty much looks the same as always, but I promise the dust bunnies that were living under the table are gone now. They'll be back though. They always come back :(

So that's it folks! Our challenge has come to an end. I hope it helped you, even if you weren't able to complete everything, every little bit helps! Be sure to watch out for the return of the Happy House Daily Challenge as that will be coming up soon! Now that we all have clean houses, this will help to keep them that way! Are you ready for that one? I hope so! I'd love to see you around for it!

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  1. oh boy. i failed this week... the closets are still a wreck. i'd like to blame trying to buy a house. :( thanks for all the challenges, if we ever do find a house- our apt is 99% ready to move!


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