Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Planning

Even though the flurries are coming down with the force, I'm still pumped for the weekend!

  • Some quick clean up around the house
  • Clean the entryway for the weekly challenge
  • Hang the new foyer to come!
  • Have some friends over

  • Finish cleaning closets for the weekly challenge
  • Clean up inevitable messes from the previous night
  • Do maintenance cleaning
  • Make freezer meals for Carl's newly babytized sister
  • Then....who knows!

  • Perhaps waffles and cheesy bacon eggs again???
  • R-E-L-A-X!!!! maybe...otherwise you'll just have to wait and see on Monday :)

How about you? A mix of fun and work? Just fun? Just work? I vote for just fun, but then again I'm not you...and you are the one that would have to live with not getting anything done all weekend. So, you do what works for you and stop listening to me! ;) Except that you should have a good weekend!! No a GREAT weekend!

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