Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keeping a Company Ready Home

Company Ready

It's a phrase I've seen a few times in passing over the last few months. For me, that means not having a bunch of clutter out, the bathroom is presentable for guest usage, the kitchen is clean and the living spaces are tidy. So, for the majority of the time, I'd say, yes, our house is "company ready." We don't have a lot of clutter, most things have a "home" so it just isn't an issue. However, I thought it might be a good subject to write about today.

I put myself to a little test today. If someone called and said they were unexpectedly dropping by in 5 minutes, could I make it look goooooo-ooood? I tried it, but I figure you should be the judge, right? I mean, if I was the judge, I think I'd be a bit biased, don't you? I'll be honest, I would. I would totally think my house looked great, because it's my house.

So what did I have to do?

  • Take a couple empty boxes to the basement
  • Clean up the lunch dishes
  • Swipe the 1/2 bath
  • Put away a few miscellaneous items that were out

That was pretty much it. Then I took the photos. This is pretty much the order they would see the rooms in as well.

Did I do it? Would you be OK if that was what your guests saw? (I don't mean the decor...if it's not your taste, that's OK, hehe) If so, then read a little further, and I'll try to give a few tips on how to maintain it that way and what to do if you have the 5 minute crunch!

To keep on top of things?
1. Obviously- get rid of the clutter. It is the death of a happy home. Work on one room at a time, you'll be so happy once it's gone!
2. Keeping up with the Daily Happy House Challenge is a sure way to keep it presentable!
3. Dirty dishes never reside in our sink. OK, there is one time. If the dishwasher is running, and it was filled before the dirty dishes were gone, then it's alright. Just rinse them and put them on one side of the sink neatly. Otherwise, the dishes should be in the dishwasher, drying racks or cabinets.
4. My master bath might not always look good, but I work pretty hard at keeping the 1/2 bath looking nice. It's a fair trade off for me.

And if you need to do your quick run through?
1. Put away any major clutter or things out of place.
2. Swipe down whatever bathroom your guests would use
3. Spend the remaining time in the kitchen if it needs it. That's usually the room that is most out of sorts for us!

So is your house "company ready" right now? Could it be in a few minutes? If not, maybe make that your March goal! Get your house in a state where it would only take a few minutes to make your house presentable!

Alright, time to enjoy some time with Carl (who just walked in the door) and then get back to my pantry project. Plus, he just made my entry go from the above photo to this! How awesome is he?


  1. Aw, that is so sweet, I love it when my hubby brings me flowers unexpectedly. Pretty!

    I couldn't agree with you more on having a company-ready home. I've actually written a couple articles about the subject and a post. :)

    I like how you actually showed us what you did in 5 mins. Your home looks very inviting so nothing to worry about! I've been guilty of rushing around when my inlaws call to say they are 10 mins away. Why is it that they ONLY come over unexpectedly when the week has been a zoo and things are not in the presentable manner that they normally are in? LOL.

  2. Thanks Karla! Great additions. And thanks because I thought I had added you to my reader, but I must not have! You are there now :)

  3. I think we have the same kitchen table! (If it's from Crate and Barrel...) Unfortunately, my home isn't always company ready. Our space is so small and we're always in a hurry. I spend a lot of time making up for it on weekends, but thanks for the inspiration. I'm so impressed by your motivation to stay organized.

  4. I love this post! It's something I need to work on. Like you, I just started a new job so I'm off my normal house cleaning routine.

  5. Great post. My house is pretty much company ready now and most times. Not perfect, but pretty clutter-free. I 100 percent agree with keeping dishes out of the sink. I also try to keep the counters clear and the dog toys put away every night. Keeping my table set all the time prevents it from being a catch-all. The only room that is NEVER company-ready is the office. Thank goodness it has a door. The dogs are in there, my crafts and sewing are in there and all of our paperwork. I try to keep it semi-organized, but it's never as pretty as I'd like. =)

  6. I would say you're definitely guest-ready! I'm most impressed by the fact that your kitchen counters always seem to be clear. Do you have drawers or another place nearby that you direct clutter to, or do you just always keep the counter clear? I'm constantly battling clutter on our counters and island.

  7. Sarah- well, it all depends on what your clutter is! For us, the things that usually find their way to the kitchen counter are mail, measuring tapes (because there is always some project going on), paper and pens. We have one very small "junk" drawer that houses pens, paper, matches, take out menus, etc. So some things go in there. But the mail is handled daily and I try to keep them clear otherwise. Our kitchen is small, so if the counters are cluttered, I have no room to work! The bigger catch-all for us is our desks, but I'm working at keeping those more organized too. If you want to tell me what sort of things end up on the counters, I'd be happy to try and help!

  8. I love seeing what you are working on!

    And check out...

    I gave you a Happy 101 award :)


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