Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quick Fresh Flower Tip

My fresh Gerber Daisies from Carl last week were looking less than perky. While I loved their long stems, it never fails that the head of the flower always proves to be too much for the stem and they droop, and it's sad. BUT, I did a quick fix, and while to some it might seem obvious, perhaps there is one other Gerber Daisy lover out there that hadn't thought of this, and because of that, I am making this post!

Quick fix for your long stemmed Gerber Daisy

When your daisy stems can no longer withhold the weight of the bud, give them a little support by using the edge of the vase. Simply trim the stems (which also can help extend their life) to where the heads of the flowers just rest on the vase.

From this:

To this:

They still look great, so this gives me more time to enjoy them! Obviously this tip can work for any flower....not just daisies.

A few other tips to extend fresh flowers life:
  • Change the water daily
  • Snip the stems under water
  • Put a penny in the vase
  • Fill the vase with very cold water

I hope your Saturday is going great! I've got to get moving on preparing for our dinner party, but before I go, what's YOUR favorite flower to keep in the house? I need to pick up some bright flowers to accompany my currently monochromatic tablescape. I can't wait to see the table transform with a huge pop of color! (Yes, I'll take pics :) )


  1. It cuts down on the build up of yeast and fungi.

  2. Hah! I already do that just because I like the way it looks - didn't know I was making them last longer too. I definitely don't change the water daily though - I should really start doing that : )

  3. I love gerber daisies! Also daffodils are adorable. . .


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