Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Quickie

Tonight, I'm heading out to have a girl's night. The season premiere of America's Next Top Model is on, and the tradition for us says that we have to watch the premiere and the finale together. Since when I get home it will be dark, I wanted to take care of a few quick items before leaving.

1. What happens when you never use your front door? You are greeted by this when you go get the mail one day....

I like to save my wreath form, why pay for another one when you can use the same one over and over? So I just snipped and unraveled all of the wire holding the branches on which maybe took all of 10 minutes including the clean up and putting the wreath form with the Christmas stuff for next year. Now my door is naked, as I haven't planned for spring yet, but it's better than the browning wreath :)

2. Tonight is garbage night. So I ran around the house to collect our garbage and recyclables and took them to the curb. I knew that was definitely not something I would want to do tonight. I even took the extra minute to put the liners back in the bins...I hate that part. I don't know why.

3. I made myself a quick salad before I left so I wasn't just eating all pizza for dinner- go me!

4. And I already got my workout done today including a quick refresh shower! I'm ready to go!

Doing those few little things make me feel like I accomplished some housework but still leave me with plenty of time with the girls! Do you do this too where you run around the house before leaving to get a few tasks done? Sometimes I'm most productive when being in a time crunch!


  1. I hate coming home late to a cluttered dirty house. Same applies to coming home from being out of town, which is why I always feel compelled to deep clean my house before leaving on a trip. Some people call me weird for doing that. :)

  2. I can't wait to see what you put on there for spring :)


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