Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

Time to see how I did planning vs. execution. The weekend went a little faster than I wanted since Carl had to leave on Sunday morning, but luckily I had plenty to keep me busy so I wouldn't think about it!

Same rules as before: green=planned and got it done, red=planned and didn't get done, blue=didn't plan but got done.

  • Finish cleaning the entryway
  • Go out to dinner for my brother's birthday
  • Register at Target- definitely need to get this done so the moms can order the shower invites :)
  • Get myself a Decaf, Non-Fat, Pumpkin Spice Latte for my hard work
  • Start getting organized for the 2nd Annual Cider Mill Crawl

  • Make a pumpkin pancake breakfast :)
  • Head out to Detroit Eastern Market for some fall goodies
  • Finish fall decorating with aforementioned goodies-I'll have a start of my fall decor post later.
  • Finish getting ready for the Cider Mill Crawl- I didn't finish on Saturday, but got a good portion of it done.
  • *Hopefully Carl will be able to finish up the main "construction" in the nursery :) - this was mostly done- he still has a little sanding and touch up to do, but we are in good shape!
  • Visit with my grandma since she lives close to the market

  • Finish getting ready for the Cider Mill Crawl
  • Cider Mill Crawl!!!
  • Then I have to work, boo :(-but was rewarded with a nice dinner!
  • Maintenance Clean and Clean up after the Cider Mill Crawl

I had mentioned on Twitter that somehow we ended up with about 30 pairs of shoes in our entryway closet. It was giving me hives. And I've said this before, but I'll say it again, the best motivation for getting your house clean and organized is to have a party. No one wants to entertain and show off a messy house!

I have the sort of before shot, but of course I forgot to take a pic of the inside of the closet once I was done. But I do have the after shot of the cleaned foyer with some pretty flowers which is way more fun anyway!

Before cleaning up what must have been a shoe tornado:

After cleaning the entire entryway in preps for Sunday's festivities...including the shoe mountains:
Yay sunflowers!

So that was my weekend in a blogshell. How did yours go? Was it unexpectedly productive? Perhaps expectantly productive. Maybe it wasn't productive at all. Tell me about it and even better if you link me to a blog post! I'm going to attempt to start adding link parties to the end of posts for easier sharing!

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  1. Just linked my clean closet! Yay! Love it when I get something productive done.


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