Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Decor: 1st Edition

I haven't taken photos of our porch yet as I'm just crossing my fingers that my small mums weren't duds and will eventually bloom. On top of that, we haven't bought our pumpkins yet, so outdoor fall fun has to wait, but that's no reason to make the inside sit around and twiddle it's thumbs!

I didn't buy anything new this year except for some fresh items at the market including some floral items and gourds. You've already gotten the sneak peak to the dining room from the Cider Mill Crawl, but here it is a bit cleaned up. It'll look like this until I bid farewell to the sunflowers, then it'll get changed up a little.

*I realized after I uploaded the pics that it's a touch crooked, but was too lazy to retake the photos, so just pretend with me :)

I used two simple glass carafes as vases for the fresh orangey purple and yellow sunflowers. The middle piece is a striped ceramic dish with faux leaves and acorns underneath 3 glass tealight holders. The runner was bought last year. (I'm not happy with the sideboard yet, perhaps it will make it's appearance with the outdoor goods)

For the living room floating shelves, I just swapped out a few items for some fall colored candles, ceramic pumpkins/gourds and accents.

The family room mantle wasn't doing it for me, but changing out candles for gourds on the tall holders hit the spot. Otherwise, nothing else new was bought, just a little changing around for this year.

The family room floating shelves, surprisingly, turned out better than I expected! It took a little tweaking, but I'm really happy with how they look now. The normally red, black and green palette is now orange, purple, black and tan.

That's it for the first edition of 2010 Fall Decor around the Happy Household, but :::fingers crossed:::: I'll be back with the 2nd edition soon. How's your fall decor coming along? Totally done? Haven't even started? Share your blog link below!


  1. Everything looks great! I'm sure your mums will come up great. Just make sure to keep the watered. I'm convinced that that is the trick. Almost all my mums are up now, and I just love how they look. So fall-ish.

    I really love your shelves. Every time you post them, I drool over them. Always styled so well.

    Very festive!


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