Monday, September 20, 2010

My Weekend Cleaning Round Up

While Carl spent almost his entire weekend working on the nursery (which is coming along quite nicely if I do say so to come soon), I put my time in in the kitchen reminding it who is the boss around here. I knew it was dirty, but definitely didn't realize how dirty, ew. When Carl finally came back downstairs, I knew he was in the kitchen because he said "Oh my gosh." Yeah, it was that dirty before.

Nothing was left untouched:
  • Cleaned all cupboard exteriors
  • Cleaned all appliance exteriors
  • Wiped all baseboards- omg ew.
  • Removed all items from counters, purged, organized cleaned and replaced necessary cleaned items
  • Swapped out dirty dish towels
  • Cleaned sink including garbage disposal
  • Cleaned window and sill

It's days like that I am so glad I don't have a huge kitchen. It's not big, but it's totally functional for us, and when it's dirty I wish it was even smaller! (Ok not really. Please don't tell the kitchen fairy to make my kitchen smaller tonight. I would cry.)

The rest of the weekend was spent doing various things but included:
  • Dusting living, dining and family rooms
  • Started on fall decor (pics to come once it's done)
  • Potting the mums we bought
  • Making lunch (Chicken Caesar Salad, Fruit Salad and Apple Cake) for the moms while we talked all things baby shower
  • Loaded and emptied the dishwasher 8 billion times

Things I still have on my list this week:
  • Organize the pantry (just needs some tidying)
  • Finish the fall decor
  • Clean the laundry room
  • Laundry- do, fold, put away

I cannot tell you how very thankful I am to have energy again. I'm just really nervous with all the third trimester stories going around. Yikes.

Dear Zombie Baby,

I'll give you lots of nutrients. Please just let me keep a good portion of the energy. Thanks!


You TOTALLY want to go clean your kitchen now, don't you? ;)


  1. Yeah, 3rd tri has just begun and I am exhausted a la 1st tri all over again.

  2. Nice work, looks sparkling :) How long did it take you?

  3. 2nd trimester has been good to me too :) I was inspired by your post last week and have been working on my kitchen and living room for the past few nights. I keep repeating to myself baby steps still get it done even if it takes a week what used to take a day :)

  4. @Tess- Hmmm...a little over 2 hours to do the whole kitchen. Totally worth it :)

    @Mrs.A- yay for motivation!! Go 2nd Tri energy!


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