Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Weekend (a few days late)Cleaning Round Up

I'm finding the major cleaning is only getting done on the weekends around the Happy House homestead. Our weeknights have been consumed with other tasks, some good, some not so good. While I am still trying to accomplish small tasks throughout the week, I'm trying to continue to hold myself accountable on the weekends.

Completed Week Tasks:
  • Basic tasks like keeping the kitchen tidy, and clearing clutter
  • Clean out fridge
  • Empty, organize and clean pantry cupboard- this one felt sooo good!

For the big cleaning, two weekends ago, as I posted, I really dug into the living and dining rooms. Now all they need is a light weekly dusting and floor sweeping and they still look great! This weekend, I knew I wanted to get down and dirty with my family room and our half bath. While the half bath gets a regular cleaning, it needed a good scrubbing. Both rooms got the works!

Family Room:
  • All items and furniture dusted
  • Rug and couch vacuumed
  • Floor Swept
  • Straightened and decluttered
  • Windows Washed

  • All fixtures scrubbed!
  • All items cleaned and disinfected
  • Floor cleaned

Are you a weekday cleaner or a weekend cleaner? If you are a weekend cleaner, what small tasks do you try to get done during the week? If you are a weekday cleaner, how do you spend your weekends? All fun...or do you still mix some housework in there?

P.S. Stay tuned as I am going to start an actual house tour soon. First room on the list will be the family room. I'll work my way around the first floor and then move upstairs...hopefully by then the nursery will be ready for it's big debut. Luckily, I have plenty of time before that will happen though as it's current state is nothing to brag about right now :)


  1. I am a weekend cleaner. Except I delegate during the week, and my stepdaughters (12 and almost 14) are huge helps, especially with my lacking energy. They vacuum every day (because of the dog) and dust on Thursdays before they vacuum. They are responsible for the dishwasher after dinner as well as feeding the pets in the evening and cleaning the litter box. I cook, wash the pots and pans, and do all the other random stuff that pops up.

    The bathrooms, mopping the floors, cleaning the bedrooms all get done over the weekend. I just find it works better with our schedule, especially with my teacher-work week!

  2. I am a total weekend cleaner. I pretty much clean our ENTIRE apartment on the weekend. I try to be good once in a while and do some of the daily cleaning you suggest on your blog.

  3. I'm a weekday cleaner. I try to get the real cleaning done on Thursdays, Friday morning at the latest, so I can sliiiide into the weekend. Saturday mornings I finish stuff so I can really take Sunday as a day of rest from housework, and cooking (we kind of stockpile leftovers at the end of the week for Sundays).

  4. I'm a total weekend cleaner. My husband and I are very busy during weekdays, that's why. While I'm assigned in cleaning the other parts of the house, I requested my husband to clean the kitchen and bathroom. Thankfully, our bathroom is easy to clean because of the awesome tile, Clearwater products we installed in it. I'm grateful for the incredible post, Mrs.CFH2!


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