Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Turning My Sad House Back into a Happy House!

Do I dare say I've reached the nesting phase? I don't really think so. It doesn't feel like nesting. But after a not so fun 1st Trimester and then the crappy beginning to the 2nd, followed up by a sinus infection, I have been less than interested in doing anything productive. But this weekend, I think I felt the energy hit me. I'm ready to get my Happy House back!

I am taking it slow, going room by room. I hadn't touched our formal living/dining rooms because, to be honest, we haven't been entertaining at all, so they were neglected. We want to at least have one BBQ type party before the weather turns, so it seemed an appropriate place to start. So...I'll take you room by room as I get my Happy House back in it's pre-pregnancy condition. It definitely deserves it!

What I did:
  • Dusted every piece of furniture, accessory and shelves
  • Re-arranged the floating shelves- minimized them a bit- they were getting cluttered
  • Cleaned the windows
  • Swiffered the floors and vacuumed

Just those few little steps really made a difference in the room and it feels so much better!

Two rooms down, many more to go! I'm determined to have that oh-so-good clean house feeling back though. Especially before this little zombie* baby arrives!

*I'm lovingly now referring to baby as zombie baby because I swear the little one is eating my brains!!! Common sense is out the window lately :(


  1. It sounds like you got your energy back that usually hits during the 2nd semester. Get all you can done, because it will be zapped again during the 3rd. (but, maybe not)

  2. Welcome back! I was not graced with the burst of energy in my 2nd tri. And now that I am heading out of it and into the 3rd, I am becoming tired again. Looking forward to seeing the nursery! Are you finding out what you are having?

  3. Your home is beautiful and congratulations on the baby! Mine turns 1 on the 23rd of this month and I find myself slacking on chores cause I spend so much time going after him, he's crawling, but fast! So anyway, I was searching for motivation to get cracking lol...this is encouraging, especially the pictures! Good work!


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