Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

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I'm in the midst of my Tackle It Tuesday. We have mountains of laundry to do for a few reasons:

1. We have all our laundry from the weekend- and EVERYTHING gets washed. Being up in the cabin is wonderful, but there is no heater, so everything comes back with a nice wood-fire smell :)

2. We weren't 100% caught up before we left for the weekend.

3. We brought home all the bedding including the comforters from the cabin. It's hard to get things washed up there in the colder months because there is no dryer, so we took one for the team to make sure they'd get a washing!

So, I'm playing my laundry game. Watching Biggest Loser and switching/folding on the commercials. My goal is to have everything cleaned, folded and put away. I suppose we'll see how far I get before I need to go to bed :)


  1. Best of luck getting through the piles. I should be folding and such too... maybe on the next commercial break! :)

  2. I never seem to catch up on laundry. I would rather clean than do laundry

  3. I feel your pain... I did all of our bedding (plus a week or two of towels and just generally not being caught up on laundry) last weekend... and it amounted to 7 loads!! It feels great when your hamper is finally empty and everything is put away! (Still working on that last part myself...)


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