Monday, October 25, 2010

Where We Were....

We were out of commission this weekend because we took a quick trip to the cabin upstate. I've got LOTS of cleaning to do now that we are home and we have plenty of to dos on our list, but before I dive into that, here's a little story through pictures of what we did this weekend :)

We went on lots of walks

And Gibson loved splashing around in the water

Then we headed out to the pier to enjoy the scenery

And let Gibson run as fast as his little beagle legs would let him!
It was fast.

Then we headed over to the old lighthouse and attempted to get a good belly shot in the wind. Good? Not so much. Belly? Well, it's there in all it's 27 weeks of glory!

But the trip was cut short when we got in a little trouble ;)

It was so good to just get away for the weekend as we are trying to enjoy our last few months without our little bundle of joy :) The cabin is just so peaceful and relaxing! Now, back to reality. I think I'll have a Tackle it Tuesday and a Tackle it Wednesday, Thursday..... Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Looks like a nice relaxing weekend. :)

  2. That last picture would make a cute Christmas card :)

  3. That last picture is cracking me up. The dog is in it, too. My dogs would have been freaking out! Love it!


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