Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since my mom hosts Thanksgiving, I have minimal responsibilities. All my siblings bring one of the key elements for dinner and I love it that way. We are quite traditionalists when it comes to turkey day though with very standard fare, so one of my jobs is pumpkin pie which I made last night. However this year I'm mixing it up a bit and bought the cannolis my grandma always buys for holidays. Since we don't see our extended family for holidays anymore, I figured I could take over this task! All that's left is to get up nice and early to get down to my parents' house and cook the bird. It's been my role to make a picture perfect turkey for about the last 7 years...maybe more. I forget! It'll be an early night for me nonetheless!

So from this Happy House to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy every moment and we'll be back to regularly scheduled posting after the tryptophan wears off :)

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