Monday, November 29, 2010

Really Productive Weekend at the Happy Homestead!

There was no time to blog this weekend, and I'll show you why. Here are the things we accomplished:

  • Seriously scrubbed the entire first floor- including deep clean for the hardwoods and the drapes even got a wash and iron!
  • Carl got one coat of primer on the crib (harder than it sounds, promise!)
  • Carl finished painting the bookshelf in the nursery- just have to wait a bit to load it all up!
  • Carl primed, painted and painted the office doors. They are hung- but not by the chimney with care ;)
  • A few loads of laundry
  • 4 dinner's worth of mashed potatoes are frozen
  • 8lbs of pulled pork are cooked and frozen...well minus what we ate for dinner
  • Assembled and decorated 2 trees
  • Decorated the mantle and 2 sets of floating shelves
  • Decorated the dining room
Here is the house post super clean after all the totes had come upstairs from storage in the basement.

I still need to take the pictures of all the decorated spaces and trees but here is just a teeny sneak peek of what's to come :)
Oooo sparkly!

We are normally up north at the family cabin for Thanksgiving, but we stayed home this year. I can't believe how much we got accomplished! I definitely missed getting to see our first snow of the year up there, but having our house fully decorated already does feel good. Luckily Carl's parents are bringing me home greenery so I can make my front door wreath :)

How was your Thanksgiving? Are you decorations started or possibly done? Link me to them in the comments so I can see!

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  1. We have started on the decorating. We have our tree up and some of the decorations around the house, but we are hoping to finish later this week.


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