Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zombie Baby is a......

The cat is finally out of the bag now that the shower is over. Little Baby Boy H will be here in no time and we are getting quite restless in the Happy Household. But not so restless that we are ready for him yet! We still have lots to accomplish in the next 10 weeks. I've got to put together my next freezer meal post, but it might get combined with Week 3, because this soon-to-be-mommy is exhausted and I just might save myself some time by putting them together.

For now, I'll share with you a handful of our shower photos. Carl's cousin's wife (one of my most favorite people in the world) was kind enough to take the shots for us. She's quite the little photographer :)

We announced the gender of the baby through the filling of the cupcakes. Each table had one cupcake for each guest. One cupcake had the correct filling color (blue), the rest were incorrect. The person with the correct cupcake also won a prize. It was our way of giving something out, without playing any games. The cupcakes were set on cake stands and also served as our centerpieces. This picture was taken after some had already been eaten :)

I had requested a breakfast shower since I love breakfast and I liked the idea of it being early in the day rather than in the middle so people could still enjoy their Saturday.

You can't see them, but I was rocking some awesome knee high, pointy toe, black leather boots. I was told multiple times that "pregnant women don't wear heels" but I begged to differ! And my feet survived all the way to the end ;)

So for now, that's all I have for you as I lay on my couch. I just spent the last 2 hours in the kitchen working with 6 lbs of chicken turning it into yummy Sweet & Sour Chicken and Laughing Cow Chicken cutlets. I would say I need a nap, but I think that just means it's time for bed!


  1. Congrats! That's so exciting! :) Little boys are so precious. And what a cute idea for announcing it, too! Love the cupcake idea!


  2. Congrats! Welcome to team blue!! What a great cupcake idea :) Next up...nursery pics!!! ;)

  3. Love the early idea for the shower! Seeing all those bagels makes me want to do that too. We're due the same day I believe! I came across your blog via thebump january board. Your organization/cleaning posts on your blog are inspiring!

  4. congrats! where did you get that ribbon/flower/thingy? it is so cute!!


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