Friday, November 12, 2010

This Happy House Has New Carpet!!

This project is long overdue. And I mean LONG. We've been saying we were going to replace the old builder beige carpet since we moved in....over 2.5 years ago. We finally did it and are so happy with the results!

We had opted to do hardwood in the nursery due to a very allergy ridden Carl. Of course we are hoping our children get my health system, but we'd rather be safe than sorry. However, the guest and master bedrooms plus the hallway and stairs all were going to stay carpet. I was very nervous about our choice since you get all of like 2x3 inches of a swatch to make your decision. I can now breathe easy as I am quite confident I made the right choice. But I'll let you see for yourself.

Before: Boring Builder Beige with lots of grossness added in:
You can see we ripped up around the banister- that was to easily paint and make sure we got the entire piece including anything hiding under the current carpet.

Carl ripped up this section in the hallway to fix a very noisy squeak. It was a dead giveaway when trying to hide around the corner to scare an unsuspecting Carl. Now I can scare, clue free!

Guest Bedroom:

Master Bedroom:

And now for the much better afters! We chose a Frieze Stainmaster carpet from Lowe's. The color is Flint Rock which is a nice deep taupe.

You can see the difference, right? Oh please say you can. If not, I will blame poor photography skills because really, the old stuff was just awful. Now it's time to put our house back together...ack. And don't worry, I'm not doing any heavy lifting :) Luckily we have lots of boys around that can assist with the big stuff!


  1. Looks great! We desperately need new carpet-did you get Lowes to install?

  2. Love the new carpet girl! and I can totally tell the difference! :) Don't you just love the feel of new carpet on your toes! I passed on a blog award to you! Check out my post today!

  3. Where did your furniture go while the carpet was being laid?

  4. Long time reader, bad commenter here! Just wanted to say WOW!!!! What a difference! Sometimes you don't realize how bad it is until you improve it. I think the color is PERFECT! Great job :)

  5. This is very similar to the carpet we have and we LOVE it! Changing carpet is such a nice improvement and it makes everything feel so clean :)

  6. It is a big difference. Looks great! I know someone who has a squeak in a similar location in their house. I'm sure you're glad it's gone!

  7. Sue- All our furniture went into either the master bath, guest bath or the nursery- none of which are carpeted. (Baths are tile and nursery is hardwood)

  8. It looks awesome! I just scheduled a carpet cleaning for the new house, these photos make me want to rip it out and put something new and fresh in. Great job!

  9. BIG difference! Everything is looking great!


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