Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday: Pantry Edition

I told you all earlier this week what I was going to do for Tackle It Tuesday. The doors on my freshly cleaned refrigerator weren't even fully closed before I had a thought that my pantry had been neglected for awhile. Sure it was functional and all, but I knew there were probably a few items in there that needed to go and it just needed a good tidying in general.

I don't have a before picture, but don't be sad. I DO have an after picture, and that's what you are all after anyway, right? I actually don't think I ever shared photos with you after I bought some canvas totes for one of the top shelves. They've been a visual lifesaver! I keep all my cleaning products, car care, pet items and other miscellaneous things up there. Without the totes, it was a bit chaotic as it was sort of a domino effect. One thing fell, they all fell. Oh and when we moved into the house, the very top wire shelf didn't exist, nor did the can shelving or the holders on the left wall. Those were welcome additions installed by Carl. They just about doubled the storage space!

So here is how I organize my pantry/cleaning closet.

Top shelf: Rags, baskets, entertaining items, table linens and my cake carrier
Second Shelf: Cleaning products, extra bags, car care items, pet items, batteries and extra candles
Third-Fifth Shelves: Food items and some small appliances
Right Side Racks: Can goods
Left Side Racks: Grocery bags, aluminum foil, Ziploc bags, etc.
Floor: Pet food, bulk items, floor cleaner and step stool

I also have a wall storage rack on the right for cleaning items- it just might be the most useful storage piece in the whole pantry.
This pantry makes my smallish kitchen so much more functional. I really love it. Can you tell? The best part is that I can close the door and it all goes away...clean or not!

Anyway, that was my Tackle It Tuesday. The pantry has been purged, organized and cleaned. It's ready (so long as I keep up it's clean status) for Zombie Baby's arrival. Not that I plan on keeping Zombie Baby in the pantry. That didn't come out right. Nevermind. Um, what was YOUR Tackle It Tuesday tonight? Didn't do one? Make it Wrestle It Wednesday tomorrow! ;)

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  1. Our new house will have a pantry, and I'm ridiculously excited. I'll be so happy to have the space.

    Yours looks great.


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