Saturday, May 14, 2011

What The Happy House Has Been Doing Today

Yes, that is our to do list for tomorrow's post Baptism party on a HUGE whiteboard. Carl's is on the left. Mine is on the right. He was having more fun with it than I was. I simply did the list (note how much more I have to do) and he was doodling drawings. Needless to say, today was a busy day. Preparing to have 30+ people in your house when it is supposed to rain and be chilly is interesting. I'll have to do a recap on this one on Monday.

Why, you might ask, is there a giant whiteboard in our family room? Eh, we'll leave that one a mystery for now.

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  1. I like all the pictures on your husband's side. Too funny. I thought the second to last one said "Install CO & 'bacon' detector" at first, bu then I figured out what that was. lol. I hope everything goes smoothly!


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