Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brown Paper Packages....

I have a few ideas for some new posts, we'll see if you guys like them. One I was going to start last Christmas was a "Favorite Things" post, kind of like a wishlist, but I got sidetracked. However, there are a few things I'm loving right now, so why not start it today?

I know, I know, everyone already knows about Pinterest, but paired up with foodgawker- it's even more amazing! It's where I've been getting the majority of my kitchen inspiration which is keeping my food blog hopping.

Speaking of food, I'm loving on my food processor lately. Not only have I started making Cam's food, but I recently made a fresh salsa and a pesto with fresh basil from my garden. The parts are more than likely in the dishwasher at any given moment!
My CVS Card gets a shout out. I've been couponing a bit. Don't worry, I'm not buying 67 bottles of mustard or anything like that. I'll possibly share some of those adventures as well.

I've been digging on this next item since Spring first sprung! The Lemon Gelato candle from Bath and Body Works is out of this world good!

Lastly, a little fashion favorite. I'm loving my striped, maxi dress, OK dressES, from Old Navy. I bought two. I have the green one pictured below and a thinner striped navy and cream one as well. Love em!

Do you have a "favorite thing" or "things" right now?


  1. Ooo I might have to get that lemon gelato candle! Right now some of my favorite things are books (I've been reading a lot this summer), pictures, and the pool. :)

  2. I wrote about your blog today, I hope you wont mind it, but I really love it so I wanted to share it with my readers!
    You can see my post here:

  3. Foodgawker! Love love love it. And I'm loving that dress too! I haven't been to Old Navy in some time...


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