Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Dirty Little Secret...

Ok, maybe it's not dirty, and it's about to not be a secret, but I still think it was clever. Our family room has two large windows side by side. We wanted to have a drapery rod run the entire length, but that can get really pricey. I had no interest in dropping the cash on custom drapery, none, nada, zilch interests. So we did what every young couple with limited funds does, we improvised.

We bought the extending rods, but to get the full length, we bought two. We hung them directly next to each other. We used 3 panels- one on the left, one on the right and one in the middle. The middle panel spans the two rods. The key was that we used grommet style drapes. This allowed us to put the section where the two rod meet in the back.

This is showing the two rods meeting in the middle, but the gap is not viewable the way we have the curtains arranged.

This is all you see in the room- just looks like one rod.

The plan is to get the double rod extender so I can add some sheers down the road, but we have the blinds in the windows, so it's not crucial for functionality, only the look. For now, at least the solid drapes bring a little warmth and interest to that wall!

Do you have any "dirty little secrets" of your own? I know for us, sometimes it's just necessary as this Happy House isn't made of money :) Sure would be nice if it was though! I'll be back later for a Tackle It Tuesday! Decide what you can tackle now!

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