Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

When I vacuum the family room, I always give the couch a quick once over, but I don't do a nice, take all the cushions off, deep clean. It's been awhile. Ew.

(If you aren't laughing at the "Ew" then you should click here, and it's worth your while to watch to the end. If you don't think Jimmy Fallon is funny, well then there is something wrong with you, but don't bother clicking :) )

I digress. Anyway, so Tackle It Tuesday. I decided to give the couch a good ol clean. It started out looking like this:

First, I vacuum the rug so as I'm moving the cushions around, I'm not bringing the rug debris back to the clean couch. Then I remove one section of cushions to vacuum at a time, like this next photo.

I vacuum the frame portion, then the bottom cushion and lastly the top. Throw pillows get a good swipe too. Give the floor/rug one last run, and then it looks like this. Ta da!

Don't have a fabric couch? Break out the leather cleaner. Whatever you do today, make sure to fit in a Tackle It Tuesday! And if you blog about it, be sure to share it in the InLinkz so I can read about it!


  1. @Christina- OK, it's funny you ask that. I just use the upholstery attachment for the vacuum- same as the couch. The pillows are a velvet/velour type material and a delicate embroidery, so I don't have many options. But the reason it's funny is because I was going to say they get a quick suck...as in the such from the vacuum, but I thought that sounded bad, so I went with swipe! Sorry for the confusion :)

  2. I LOVE My DC28 Animal. Best. Vacuum. Ever. We have a leather sofa and 3 dogs, so the dog hair gets vacuumed off of it once a day.

    I also use the flat wide attachment (not the one w/ the turning bristles) to vacuum my mattress whenever I change the sheets.

    I'd vacuum my dogs w/ it if they'd sit still. :)

  3. I have a Bissell Pet Handvac/dustbuster. I use it on the couch, on my bed etc. It has little rubber fingers that grab the hair. My furball is terrified of the vacuum, so there's no chance I'd vacuum her!

  4. I totally need to do this! It looks great!


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