Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday: Workin the Kitchen

It's a late Tackle It Tuesday for you guys, I apologize! We are helping Carl's cousin and wife move and store their things. My tackle was done far earlier than this post :)

Like I said yesterday, I have tons of kitchen ambition this week. Other than the process of getting the appliances in (which will be it's own post), the first thing I knew I wanted to do was clear out our large cupboard next to the fridge. We no longer need our massive toaster oven since the microwave does double duty now, so I wanted to rearrange it. I also needed space to store some extra baking pieces that came with both the oven and microwave.

I realize my before and after are not all that different from on another. I apologize in advance for that. But they are quite different to me.

Before: Functional, for sure, but housing more than we needed.

Practically everything in this photo was in the cupboard. It covered the kitchen table, counters, stove and spilled into the dining room. It's a big cupboard.

Once I had everything out, I cleaned the interior down with a hot water, concentrated Lysol mixture and then carefully put everything back.

I make sure all my plastic storage has a matching lid. That's a big pet peeve of mine. It's a deep cupboard, so I try to make sure if I need to reach something in the back, I only have to move one set of items. I also put the most used items in the front- glass mixing bowl, lettuce spinner, food chopper, Pyrex storage, etc.

Getting rid of the huge toaster oven, amongst other small objects made enough room for the new stuff as well as all the old stuff to fit nicely. And the fact that it's super clean now just makes my little heart happy.

You tackled something today. I know you did. I didn't even have to remind you. Way to GO!!! Now share your link here or tell me what you did in the comments! I'm always looking for inspiration for my own tackles!!


  1. Great job as usual back to motivating us!

  2. Btw I love that wooden bowl in your cabinet!


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