Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy House Express Challenge: Week 5

Guess what gang? It's the 5th and final week of this Express Challenge! But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Let's talk about last week. I really rocked it, even amongst our kitchen overhaul. I'm feeling like this might the way to do the challenge. Quick and dirty clean! This girl was 7/7 on everything again!

Alright, NOW let's look at our last weeks' tasks! You're going to like this, I know it!

Clean the Counters!

This is my cheater task...I'm pulling a two for one....

Yep, that's the kitchen AND the bathroom. But it's such a quick task, that we can combine them. You use them every day, they see a lot of action. The counters in the kitchen and bathroom take a toll, so give them some love and wipe em down! It can also be a motivator to keep your counters cleared! Less clutter = Happier Counters. I swear! But brace yourself for our second task of the week, it's a doozy.

Relax & Enjoy Your Clean House!

Sounds tough huh? I think you can handle it though. What's the point of working hard to have a clean house if you can't sit back an enjoy it. So make sure to take a minute each day to appreciate all your hard work!

Let's recap:
Week 1: Make the Bed & Empty the Sink!
Week 2: Sweep the Kitchen Floor & Clear the Clutter!
Week 3: Sort the Mail & Spray Your Shower!
Week 4: Write It Down & Organize Your Outerwear!
Week 5: Clean the Counters & Relax & Enjoy Your Clean House!

So don't forget to either link up your own Express Challenge blog post or simply give us your results in the comments! I love seeing how everyone does, perfect scores or not!

Real quick, let's give a shout out to last week's participants!
Eve @The Nerdy Nest

Way to go rockstars! Next week we'll do one final check in, I can't wait to see how we wrap this challenge up! And if I can just ask for one little favor before you go, just give me one click to vote. I'm now #23 on Picket Fence Blogs and I'd love to keep climbing! It honestly just takes one click- that's it! Thanks for all the votes so far, my readers rock!

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