Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy House Express Challenge: Week 3

We're trucking right along to week 3 of the challenge. That means we're two weeks down, 3 to go on our way to a Happy House! Is your home feeling cleaner? Tidier? A little more organized? I know mine is. I get started on the right foot every morning by making the bed and I come downstairs to a clean sink, floor and tidy family room. It makes me smile from ear to ear! And speaking of all those tasks, let's see how this past week ended up for me.

Make the Bed: 7/7
Empty the Sink: 7/7
Sweep the Kitchen Floor: 7/7
Clear the Clutter: 7/7

Ok, sure, I could have just said I hit all my tasks 7/7, but that was more fun. Look at all those 7s! Maybe I'm lucky this week, I should play the lottery. Anyway, how did YOU do? We've got a lot of people participating so I can't wait to see everyone's results! No worries if you are new to the challenge, just check out week 1 and week 2 and you'll be all caught up!

Since we're all pros at those 4 tasks, it's time to add two more. I gotta tell you, I'm loving this two at a time business! Gets me all jazzed up!

Sort the Mail!

We all get it 6 days a week. Too often it just ends up in a pile on the kitchen counter. No more! No more unorganized piles of mail! If you need some tips on how to organize your mail, check out this previous post....although I need to update it, so keep an eye out for the new version coming soon! Just remember that this is about organizing the mail. It doesn't mean all the bills are paid that day or everything is filed, but things are in their place. It should either be in a "to do" area, "to file" area, the recycling bin or garbage. Once you've done that step, you can easily go back to it and do what needs to be done when you have the time that week!

Spray Your Shower!

Choose your favorite daily shower cleaner and get to spraying! I'm currently using the Method Daily Shower Cleaner. It smells heavenly! Just get in the habit of spraying it down after you shower, and this task is a no brainer. You do shower every day, right? Eh, if not, make your significant other do it! :) There are also lots of home solutions you can try as well. Spray shower doors with full-strength white distilled vinegar after you’ve squeegeed the glass, or before you step in and turn on the water. It will help release the hard water deposits so they don’t remain on the glass.

So real quick, let's recap all our tasks we're doing this week:

Week 1: Make the Bed & Empty the Sink!
Week 2: Sweep the Kitchen Floor & Clear the Clutter!
Week 3: Sort the Mail & Spray Your Shower!

Lastly, before I go, one last reminder to let me know in the comments how YOU did this week. We got very close to our goal of getting 20 people to participate last week. So I'll overlook us being a touch short if we can get to 20 this week. If we can manage that, there will be a giveaway at the end of the challenge! Take it one step further and blog about your week doing the Express Happy House Challenge! Steal the button on the side of the blog, make your post and then come back and share it in the InLinkz!


  1. I was 7/7 on everything but sweeping my kitchen floors. I was 4/7 on it. I generally clear the clutter early in the morning. My husband leaves things out more than I do and since we go to bed at the same time, it's easier just to do it in the morning.

  2. I was 7/7 for making the bed and 6/7 on everything else. This post just reminded me that we just ran out of daily shower cleaner!

  3. I was 7/7 making the bed, 7/7 emptying the sink, 5/7 clearing the clutter, and 4/7 sweeping the floors. I try, but sometimes I just feel like I am constantly doing something and just need to sit down for a few minutes. I just feel like there is always so much clutter :(

  4. I was 6/7 on making the bed and was 5/7 on everything else. Had a couple lazy days. Woke up late for work one day and didn't get home til midnight, so bed didn't get made and everything left from the night before didn't get taken care of either.

  5. late to the game, yet again but here's my results:
    making bed: 6/7
    emptying sink: 7/7
    clearing clutter: 2/7
    sweep floors: 3/7


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