Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

Do you have something to tackle? A little project? Does your shower need a wipe down? What about your jewelry- are they tangled beyond recognition? Maybe you have paw and hand prints on your glass doors and they need a swipe! Whatever that task is, tackle it today because it's TACKLE IT TUESDAY!

Take it a step further and blog about it! Then share it in the link collection below so everyone else can read about it too :)

Tonight, I'm tackling this. A few loads of laundry.


  1. Thank you so much for putting my blog button on your blog :) But, I had some problem with the picture, so I changed the link. So please, can you put the new one :)

  2. We're experiencing some cooler temperatures here today, so I may give in and paint the door on our linen closet. It's probably been up for a year and is still unfinished.


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