Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Morning Weekend Round Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in Friday's blog hop! Due to the long weekend, I'm recapping, today instead of Monday.

Dust and vacuum the first floor
Clean the Half Bath
Meal Plan
Make Grocery List
Make Dinner

Prep for Saturday....


Have friends over for a small Cider Mill GTG- Did you miss the update post? Go here!

Organize Coupons
Farmer's Market

Grocery shop
Attend a double duty nephew birthday party!

As of right now, relax! That's likely to change :) - It did.
Use a Groupon at the madhouse mall
Tidy up the basement a bit
Have Carl's brother and his wife over for dinner (grilled burgers and homemade onion rings)

Hrmm. I think I made my weekend plans a little too easy. That's a lot of green and blue. And I'm pretty sure I did more things that would require some blue on the other days, but they've escaped me!

Be sure to check back a little later today, I'm going to reveal our fun DIY project! One little hint? It is living in the office :)

Have you voted today? It just takes one click, I promise! Thanks :)

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  1. recap posted here: http://rubberducky26.blogspot.com/2011/09/weekend-planning-blog-hop-recap.html

    my red made up for all your green/blue ;-)


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