Monday, October 31, 2011

  • drive home from Chicago
  • get unpacked and start laundry
  • start tidying up the house
  • meal plan (below)
  • participate in the October Followers Fest


  • work on the pantry project- I have no photos to share quite yet, but they are coming!
  • make pancakes for breakfast- check out what I made here
  • clean the dining room furniture
  • clean the eat in area furniture
  • carve our pumpkins
  • ran a bunch of errands with Carl's Mom
  • grocery shop
  • clean the rest of the dining room
  • start doing some work on the next big event for the blog
  • coupon shopped
  • made a quad-batch of baked potato soup!
Somewhere in There:
  • Bake something fallish- I'll count the pancakes for this...
  • Make something from Pinterest- ...and this
  • Paint my fingernails and toenails- now this is just getting sad
Meal Plan:
Sunday: Baked Potato Soup
Monday: Roast with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies
Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Tacos
Wednesday: Chicken Apple Saute with Apple Dressing
Thursday: Chicken Kiev
Friday: Gnocci with Pesto
Saturday: Leftovers

Lastly, here is a photo from our Chicago trip. If you want to read a few details, check out Cam's blog by clicking the photo.

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  1. what a list! I need to get more organized. Great recipes too!

  2. Nice job on tackling all those things after returning from Chicago!


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