Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Evening Weekend Round Up

  • Clean the first floor
  • Make like 18 batches of sugar cookie dough (ok...not that much, but a ton!)
  • Decide on the other cookies to make (I have a list, I just need to choose!)
  • Set up the dining/living room for tomorrow
  • Clean the laundry room
  • mail out the Christmas cards


  • get all the set up ready for the cookie party
  • enjoy the party!

  • Take Gibson to see Santa Claws
  • file my "to file" papers
  • clean up from the party
  • do Cam's holiday craft

{somewhere in there}

  • do a little more decorating outside
  • Make Italian Wedding Soup (my first try at this!)

Other than Sunday, I wasn't too far off in my planning, and the soup got made tonight, so, now it can be green :) This week is going to be crazy fun- baking, gift wrapping and prepping to host on Saturday for Christmas Eve dinner! Let the planning and executing begin!

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