Monday, December 19, 2011

On the 7th & 8th Days of Christmas

...the Happy House gives to yoooooou...Cookie Party Details!

The 3rd Annual Cookie Party Plan

Lunch Menu:
Deli Honey Ham, Roast Turkey & Hard Salami
Whole Wheat and Honey White Sliced Bread
Mustard & Mayo
Cut Romaine Lettuce
Cut Vegetables and Dip (brought by my sister)
Baked Macaroni & Cheese (brought by my mom)
Assorted Soda
Ice Water
Homemade Hot Chocolate

Cookie Assortment:
Sugar Cutout Cookies
Swedish Spritz Cookies
Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Tips for Planning:
  1. Make Cookie Dough the night prior- can be kept in the fridge
  2. Do all cleaning the night before- I always wait to do the half bath the day of
  3. Have boxes available for guests to take cookies home
  4. Don't bother cleaning the floors ;) A good sweep is good prior, the floor is a sprinkle magnet!
  5. Use plastic/paper tablecloths. Frosting will get everywhere.
  6. This is the perfect occasion to buy some cute paper plates and napkins. The kitchen sink and dishwasher will be busy with baking dishes. Keep the lunch dishes simple!

A Cookie Party Recap :)

I set things up just a touch differently this year. Something I've realized is we don't all actually sit down at the same time to eat lunch. We mostly focus on the kids so they can get to decorating. So my key was not to worry about having 20+ seats. I simply opened up the dining table, and we set up some tables in the basement for some extra seating. The kids like to play down there while they are waiting for the cookies to cool anyway!

I set up all the food on the dining table as well, it worked just fine! I only have a picture with the sandwich goods, I was too busy once everything else was there.
Simple. Not fussy. Not even a tiny bit!

The plates, napkins and silverware were on the sideboard. And I had cake stands all over the place awaiting the cookies.

The beverages were in their normal spot. I did cans this year, and it worked great! This was before the ice, but I just poured it over the cans. Don't forget to set a Sharpie out by the cups. 10+ kids will never remember which one is theirs!

And then the overview of cookie central.

Lastly, here is our newest ornament for the tree. My sister gets me an ornament each year to remember the cookie party. This one is perfect!

(and because I always like to take away a lesson or two at the end of any party)

Things Learned for Next Year:
  1. Make 5 batches of cookie dough (instead of 4) and start baking the cutouts the night prior- will allow for more time to bake other types of cookies and no wait time for cooling cookies
  2. Designate someone to take photos during the actual festivities. I really wish I had done this this year. I was way too busy in the kitchen, and as you can see, I only have the prep photos :(

Overall, it was a HUGE success. I got phone calls and emails from my sisters the next day saying how much they love cookie day. Can't wait for next year!


  1. Is it pathetic that I read "The 3rd annual cookie party" to the tune of "12 days of christmas"? haha!

    Everything looked really nice! I'm sad to not see any "during" photos, maybe someone will have taken some cell phone pictures or something!

    Sending you sunshine,


  2. I wanted to share some information with you that I found very interesting :) The 12 days of Christmas actually start Christmas day. Christmas is the first day of Christmas, it isn't a countdown! I learned this while browsing on the internet about Saint Nicholas and now use it as an excuse to extend the festivities a couple more weeks.

    That cookie party looks like so much fun! Love it!

  3. Molly's cookie party was the best! My kids look forward to it for weeks. She humbles the rest of us with her organization, attention to every detail, and total calm in the center of the storm. Never mind the cookies are scrumptious! Thanks, Auntie Molly!



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