Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Weekend Roundup

Nothing too terribly exciting happened this weekend household wise. Although, I did get to sport my new favorite dress and attend the wedding of my beautiful friend Tricia! But I will break down what we did get done:

Both- gather a mound of returns and took them back to MULTIPLE stores- my advice when making purchases you aren't 100% certain about is as follows-
  • Make the purchase- if there are two things you are going between, consider buying them both and just return the one you don't want. More often than not I find myself only buying one, taking the risk, and then having to go back to return it and get the other item! This is especially true of shoes and small house decor.
  • Ask for the receipt- rather than it going in the bag!
  • Keep all your receipts in one pocket of your purse, or in a separate envelope in your purse. I like to keep them in the back of my coupon folder which is accordion style.
  • Try the item at home, and decide whether or not it's a keeper. If it is- most excellent! If it isn't, put it back in the packaging, and put it either in your car or in an area you pass through before you leave. I either will put them in the car or in our office.
  • At this point, I will either find the receipt and put it in the bag, or just move it to the front of the coupon holder. Never end up with store credit or be denied a return again! Yay!
Carl- started casing the windows...seems like this project may take awhile :(
Me- Wedding

Carl-still casing....
Me- I mad the mistake of starting The Da Vinci Code. I didn't get much else done :/ I just did some light housework and yardwork

Here is the little progress on the window casing:

Hopefully you had a productive weekend! Even if "productive" meant relaxing a bit like me!

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