Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spare Time Thursday: Clean Your Car!

Ah those four wheels that take you everywhere you want to go. We probably spend hours each week in our car, yet sometimes it is the most neglected spot "around the house." I always told myself I wanted to make sure my car was nice and clean, but sometimes it just isn't so. But when you take the approach of Spare Time Thursday, your car can get clean and stay clean! So this week, I'll break down tasks to keep your car nice and tidy.

5 Minutes: Take anything out of the car that doesn't belong there- including trash, receipts, cups, mail, etc.

10 Minutes: Do the above and wipe down the dash, doors, steering wheel and middle console with an all purpose car cleaner such as Armor All. We think to wash our counters and bathrooms, but what makes us skip something that has our grimy hands on it all the time? Clean that wheel!

15 Minutes: Do all the above and clean all the interior windows and rear view mirror

25 Minutes: Do all the above and break out the vacuum! Vacuum the floor mats, the floor, and seats if cloth

35 Minutes: Do all the above and condition those leather seats! There are a lot of easy leather spray cleaners that you just wipe with a rag. Not only do they do a great job cleaning, but they give your car a nice, fresh, clean scent! I like Blue Magic Leather and Vinyl Cleaner.

45 Minutes: Do all the above and then run to your closest quick car wash. It's worth the couple dollars they charge, and studies have shown you don't save water by washing your car yourself. So take a break and let the pros handle this part!

I did everything today except the exterior car wash. It's been raining here (thankfully) so no need for that. But as soon as the sun comes out, I'll make the outside match the inside!

Did you use your Spare Time wisely??Have a suggestion for STT? Let me know!

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