Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ok...Ok...One More Fall Post

In all honesty...there will probably be one more fall post once I get my front porch in order. Hey, at least I'm honest :)

To appease the 10% of you so far that voted for more decor posts, I'll give you this one. Don't fret organizing and cleaning junkies- your cleaning challenge post is later tonight! I had decided I was done spending any major money to decorate inside the house, er Carl decided I was done spending money on fall decor inside the house. So I had to get creative with my sideboard and use things I already had. Is it perfect? No. Does it work for this year? Yes. And it gives me some great building blocks for next year when I have a little more moola to spend! So here it is:

To prove to you that I spent only a little bit on this, I'll break it down.

Etched Glass Vase (was used as decor at our wedding)- $0
Candles (Leftover from wedding decor as well- the color is so versatile!) $0
Pine Cones (given to me by a coworker!) $0
Basket (already had it) $0
Ceramic pieces (It's all part of this Pampered Chef Entertaining can get one for yourself- it's in the outlet. But I've had mine for a LONG time) $0
Pumpkin Pie Plate (received as a Christmas gift two years ago) $0

Runner (gulp- this was the nail in the casket where Carl said I was cut off) still only $14.99 And I can use it year after year.

So there. I did the sideboard for an out of pocket cost of $19.14! Not bad, right? Have you had to decorate on a dime at your house this year? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I definitely tried to spend little this year. I had lots of basics from last year. Plus, I picked up a few ceramic pumpkins and linens at Penney's after Christmas for 90% off. Practically free.

    All I've spent so far was a little on candy corn and a Halloween place setting never opened from a garage sale. We planted mini pumpkins, but I'll have to probably pick up some larger pumpkins for the house.

    I think it looks great. I love the runner.

  2. I just want to say that I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. I love it so far!

    Also...I have the placemats that match that runner. I got 4 of them (on sale!), got plain brown napkins & some metal leaf napkin rings & placed them all on the table. I found a metal pumpkin that holds a tea light inside (also on sale!) for the centerpiece. I would say I spent about $30ish dollars total for all of that.

    The only other thing I spent money on this year was a triple scented pillar candle, which cost about $5. The rest of my fall decor are things I've used before - a ceramin pumpkin that holds candy corn, a basket with metal leaves that holds more candy, and various styles of pillar candles. I love fall decor!

  3. I plan on getting some cute small stuff from the dollar store and seeing what I can come up with! : )


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