Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's My 100th Post!

Is that even really a milestone? Eh, I'll take any reason to celebrate! So here it is, 100 posts later. Thanks for following along in this little journey, I hope to have you here for a thousand more!

To celebrate, I'll share with you my 5 favorite posts. Just the ones that I look back at and say, ahhhhh, that feels good!

Our dining/living room redo. This room has by far had the biggest change in our house. It makes me smile every time I walk in there, and I thoroughly enjoy changing it up for the seasons. I'm looking forward to this Thanksgiving and Christmas as it is our first ones having the rooms completely done!

The day I realized rolling my kitchen towels would save space. After doing it for months now, I definitely am a firm believer in this system!

The start of the Happy House Cleaning Challenge.
Not only has it been a source of inspiration to some of you, but to me as well! I love starting a new routine, and this one has been great for me.

The Cider Mill Crawl Recap. The day was just awesome, and the planning that went with it was just as great. There aren't many things that give me more satisfaction that a well executed event.

Carl's Birthday Dinner Recap. It reminded me that even if things don't go as planned, they can still be perfect. It was an amazing dinner!

Feel free to post what post you've liked the most, or found the most helpful. Maybe you'll guide a newbie to a hotspot on the blog! And thanks again for reading!

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  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! I'm still in love with your dining/living room redo, it's so beautiful!


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