Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Thanksgiving Place Settings

All my hard work this week is going towards the Mock Thanksgiving this Saturday, and tonight's Tackle It Tuesday is included in that. I needed to put together the place card holders I had been eyeing for weeks. I even mentioned my excitement here. I spotted the placecard holders on Martha Stewart here, and the idea that they would be super cheap...er free actually made them even more appealing! And you have to agree, they are adorable! Right? Yes, you agree. I just know it.

So I put all the holders together, and then decided on my place settings. They are fairly simple, while still keeping with the elegant theme. I am loving the blend of sharp linens and rustic touches.
(you can clicky to make it bigger! and don't worry, I'll make sure the knife is flipped when I actually set the table ;) )

I'm still waiting on a shipment to complete the rest of my tablescape, but I'm hoping it will be ready to show you by Thursday!

Did you make your Thanksgiving menu and grocery list yet? If not, tackle that tonight! Did you have other plans for this evening? What were they? I'm sure whatever you did, it was productive!


  1. Oh, those are great!!!! I just saw some done with spray painted branches that I loved, but these are even cuter! Good job!

  2. Very nice place setting. Last night I tackled my side of our extremely messy bedroom. It has become the dumping ground, but no more!!!! I can see carpet and I'm excited. Have a great mock Thanksgiving.

  3. Great job Molly! Very cute! Enjoy your mock thanksgiving.

  4. Looks great! LOVE those place cards!


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