Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Year Challenge: Week Four!

I honestly can't believe we've already completed 3 weeks of this challenge, can you? Hopefully your house is feeling significantly more organized and clean! We've tackled, for the most part, the worst. And we are going to keep moving right along. If you haven't started yet, go here, then here and here. It's never too late to catch up! Or, just take it week by week at your own pace. There are no rules here.

We are still dealing with a sick puppy, which is throwing me off my game (thus why I had no Weekend Planning post this week), but I'm trying to stay on track! That explains my later than usual Saturday post. But enough excuses, let's see what I got done.

  • Cupboards- cleaned exteriors, interiors organized
  • Counters- everything taken off and deep cleaned, decluttered
  • Small appliances on counters- emptied, cleaned, replaced
  • Appliances- deep cleaned exteriors
  • Refrigerator- emptied and interior cleaned, re-organized
  • Kitchen Table cleaned
  • Garbage Can cleaned
  • Floors swept and wet mopped, small rug vacuumed
  • Sink- cleaned
  • Windows- cleaned
  • Light switch and outlet covers- cleaned
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
My kitchen hasn't been this clean in quite some time!

And then of course, let's talk about what we are going to do this week. I'm giving you an easy one. Ok, maybe I'm giving myself an easy one. What? We all deserve a little break, right?

Living/Family Rooms
Yup, the place you likely spend your evenings while kicking back on the couch and catching up on all your favorite shows. And if you don't, you should! And while you do it, I want you to breathe a sigh of relief as you look around the room and think "Wow this is one clean organized room!" Here is how we'll get there.

(This includes all your living spaces- for me that is our casual family room and our formal living room)

  • Furniture- clean (be it vacuum, leather cleaner, etc.)
  • Shelves, bookcases, tables, TV stands- remove items, dust, place items back in organized fashion
  • Items on shelves, lamps, accessories- dust or clean as appropriate
  • Clutter- give it a home!
  • Glass- clean with glass cleaner
  • TV- dust and use whatever cleaner is appropriate
  • Floor- vacuum, sweep, mop- again, whatever is appropriate for you
  • Throw away or donate at least one item from each room
So that's it. Not too bad, right? I mean, comparing to the last couple weeks, this should be a breeze! Oh, but I almost forgot our challenge motto. "Deep clean today, maintain for tomorrow and beyond!" So don't forget to keep up on the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Dust, vacuum, and clean the mirrors in the bedrooms. Wipe the counters, toilets, daily spray the shower and spot check the floors in the bathroom. Wipe the counters, appliances and keep the refrigerator tidy in the kitchen. None of these should take more than about 20 minutes each. Tackle one per night during the week, it'll make it manageable!

And of course, don't forget to post your results in the comments of this post so everyone can be super proud of you, myself included! So many of you are doing a great job, and without further ado, here is your pat on the back :)

Way to Go!

We'll be back next week to see how you did on your living spaces as well as check in on how you maintained your bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens! I can't wait to hear how you all did!

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  1. Ok, so I haven't posted before, but I just started the kitchen portion of the challenge, so here goes:

    •Cupboards- cleaned exteriors, interiors emptied, re-organized and cleaned
    •Counters- cleand and re-arranged items
    •Small appliances on counters- Microwave cleaned exterior and interior; coffee pot cleaned
    •Appliances- wiped down exteriors and self-cleaned the oven
    •Refrigerator- emptied and cleaned shelves, re-organized
    •Kitchen Table cleaned & polished
    •Garbage Can cleaned and disinfected
    •Floors swept, washed rugs
    •Sink- cleaned
    •Light switch and outlet covers- cleaned
    -Pantry - reorganized and de-cluttered

    I got rid of several duplicate items, and was able to condense the items in my shelves to make the most of my pantry space.

    A week or so ago, my DH and I cleaned our master bedroom, but I am still planning on going back this weekend and doing the bedroom and the bathroom!


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