Friday, February 12, 2010

A Day of Power 20s!

My plan today was to work, and then clean from the 40-59 minutes of each hour. I luckily had a friend to keep me on track with the time! Thanks Lindsay :) It was a full day of Power 20s!

I started on the 9am hour....but got a late start. Oops.

9:50am-10:20am - 30 Minutes (and I added an extra 10 minutes...oops again)
  • Sorted the laundry
  • Started the first load of laundry
  • Cleaned the bathroom mirrors
  • Cleaned the bathroom counters
  • Cleaned/Dusted the bathroom accessories
  • Refilled 1/2 bath lotion bottle
  • Cleaned the bathroom toilets

10:50-11am - 10 Minutes(I took out 10 minutes since I went over in the first round)
  • Washed the bathroom floors
  • Emptied 1/2 bath garbage
  • Started 2nd load of laundry
  • Fed the dog- he slept in today
1155am-12:15pm- 20 Minutes (pushed back to wait for laundry)
  • Switched laundry
  • Stripped bed linens
  • Started more laundry
  • Folded dry laundry
  • Restocked master bath towels- put away rest in linen closet
  • Put back clean bathroom rugs
  • Wiped down bathroom scale
  • Wiped down vanity area- and put away makeup and hair products
  • Put away some jewelry
  • Dusted entire master bedroom
  • Emptied master bath and bedroom garbages
1:30p-1:50p- 20 Minutes (Went a little late to accommodate eating lunch)
  • Cleaned up lunch mess- loaded dishes
  • Switched load of laundry and started the last load!
  • Folded dry laundry- and put away
  • Vacuumed entry area from garage
  • Vacuumed foyer rug
  • Vacuumed all bedrooms and hall upstairs
4:00-4:20p - 20 Minutes
  • Switched last load to dryer
  • Cleaned up some clutter in the laundry room
  • Vacuumed the stairs
  • Vacuumed the living and family room rugs
  • Straightened up the family room
5:20-5:40p- 20 Minutes
  • Finished folding last two loads of laundry
  • Put fresh linens back on the bed
So that's that. Other than my schedule being a little off, it was successful! Not only did I have a super productive day, but I got my work done early enough so we can go out to dinner! It feels so good to have the bulk of the housework done since it was so neglected this week. Have you had a Power 20! lately? Tell me about it! If not...go on, try it!

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  1. WOW! I can see where breaking it up like that thru out the day really makes it alot easier to do! I am sooo impressed! You Rock!


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