Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Year Challenge: Week Five!

Ok, this time its the real deal. Did you catch up? Are you all clean and tidy? (at least in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living areas?) I hope so, because its time to check in! Even if you aren't, still check in. You've got plenty of time to catch up anyway. And if you haven't started, its still not too late, go here, here, here then here. Let's see what I did.

  • Furniture- clean - Done!
  • Shelves, bookcases, tables, TV stands- remove items, dust, place items back in organized fashion- Done!
  • Items on shelves, lamps, accessories- dust or clean as appropriate- Done!
  • Clutter- give it a home!- Done!
  • Glass- clean with glass cleaner- Oops...
  • TV- dust and use whatever cleaner is appropriate- Done!
  • Floor- vacuum, sweep, mop- again, whatever is appropriate for you- Done!
  • Throw away or donate at least one item from each room- Done!
Plus I maintained the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. It feels so good to have all those spaces maintained and organized!!

So the only thing I didn't get to was the glass, but I will do that tomorrow. What's that? You want proof? Well, first of all, I want to take a moment and tell you that you are about to see a room you've never seen before. You've seen bits and pieces, but not the whole thing. I figured, now is a good time since it will be changing soon. We are getting new furniture, and with that, I'm going to try to convince Carl to let me outfit the windows with some spectacular, yet casual treatments. Behold, our family room...and its clean.

*Oh, and we don't live in a fish bowl. We have shades between the glass, you just can't really see them when they are open.

And then, you've seen this one before, but the shelves are a bit different now.

Lovely, right? I bet your rooms are too! And I want you to TELL ME ABOUT IT :) You the comments ;)

So what's up this week? Well, its a bit up in the air, at least for you. I know what it is for me. Since not everyone has these, I'm putting them together in hopes that you at least have one.

Dining Room & Office

If you don't have either of those, perhaps you have a den, or an extra bedroom that you use for paperwork. Any of those would be great to tackle this week! Here's what I'll be doing, its pretty similar to last week.

  • File all papers
  • Go through files and discard/shred old items
  • Declutter and discard unnecessary items
  • Organize Desk
  • Dust from top to bottom
  • Clean windows
  • Clean floor

Dining Room:
  • Dust from top to bottom- including accessories
  • Clean interior of china cabinet and sideboard
  • Clean the floors
  • Clean windows

Not too bad, right? Tailor it to fit YOUR needs and let me know how it goes! I can't wait to hear how everyone did. Really. I can't. Please tell me soon :) And don't forget to maintain the living spaces, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. You can do it! Go YOU! We'll meet right back here next week to check in on the dining room and/or office. Good Luck!


  1. I love the color of your curtains and toss pillows. And the room looks great- so neat and clean! Eventually, I'd like to put curtains that exact shade of green in my dining room. :)

  2. Well, bedroom is done, bathrooms are almost done, working on getting some storage there. The living room is pretty much always clean and got the treatment when we took the tree down. The kitchen is kicking my butt but I will win! The dinning room should be easy! Getting there!

  3. I lucked out this week. I already cleaned the dining room- it was easy and got included with the living room AND the office/guest room had is overhaul last weekend. I guess it is another maintanance week for moi!!


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