Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend Planning

Today is a good day. Well and a crappy day. Maybe yesterday was better. Carl and I became uncle and aunt again (for the 14th time) yesterday. Carl's sister welcome her 4th baby boy to the world! So baby being born yesterday = good day. We can't meet the baby until Saturday. So Friday = crappy day. Either way, you can guess what our days are going to be filled with this weekend!

  • Get baby presents all ready for Saturday
  • Power clean throughout the day (a perk of working from home and the trade off to working at night)
  • Work late
  • Perhaps go order our couch....hmmm my dear husband?

  • Maintenance clean
  • Post the next installment of the Happy House New Year Challenge- are you keeping up??
  • Go visit the new baby- (Carl has to work while we are
  • Hang out with some friends from out of town that we haven't seen in forever!
  • Finish cleaning (I have a feeling it won't all get done on Saturday)
  • Meal Plan
  • Grocery Shop
  • Going out to dinner for Valentine's Day with friends
  • Boss comes into town this prepare myself for madness
I think that about sums it up, should be fun and busy. And I've already started my power cleaning. I'll probably do a post a little later to break it all down for you, so you can see what I did! Because I know you are all dying to know...right? :) So what's on your agenda this weekend? Did you blog about it? Link me! Oh, and don't forget, today is the last day to enter the BLOGAVERSARY GIVEAWAY!!!


  1. Well, we have a crazy holiday weekend ahead of us! I posted about it
    Have fun with the new baby! So wonderful!

  2. Congratulations on becoming an aunt again! :-)


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