Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

Hmmm, I was apparently Ambitious Annie on Friday thinking I was going to get everything under the sun done this past weekend. I was quite wrong. Shield your eyes folks, you are about to be blinded by red.

  • Work all day
  • Go out to celebrate my brother's engagement (he proposed last night)
Yeah yeah...that's green, that was easy, just wait.

  • Go to Sam's Club
  • Clean out two cupboards in the kitchen (they are quickly getting dirty)
  • Get the old loveseat down to the basement and out of my kitchen!
  • Try to figure out a throw pillow solution for the new couch
  • Possibly go out with friends
I fell asleep super early on Saturday, and Carl had an early unfortunately, I still have a loveseat invading my kitchen. Ergh.

  • Carl has an early AM flight
  • Clean clean clean! Including finishing deep cleaning the floors that started last week in my "Is Your House a Mess?" series so I can finish that up!
  • Get all the clean laundry put away
  • Get together the before and after pics for my family room reveal since all the furniture is in now- this includes having to turn on my dinosaur of a laptop who thought he was happily in retirement

I did get quite a bit cleaned yesterday, just not everything. So my plan is to work on the red tonight, well except for moving furniture, that will have to wait. We may be hosting my mother-in-law's birthday this weekend, so I need to stay on top of everything this week! How did your weekend round up??

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