Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Has Sprung in the Happy House!

I've spent a good portion of the day cleaning, but I'll go into details on that tomorrow. I'm also almost ready to post the before and after of our family room, but I need some good sunlight tomorrow so I can take my photos, so definitely stay tuned for that! But I wanted to do a quick check in today and show off the beautiful new blooms taking center stage in my dining room! I almost picked up the purple tulips, but these fiery stunners wouldn't let me pass them up!

So I popped them in my glass trifle bowl with some large and small river rocks, and wha-la! Spring in a glass!

Then, one of my favorite parts about tulips...they "woke up" to see me the next morning! :)

Have a great Sunday night and I'll be back tomorrow! And thanks to reader Kate, I've been reminded to link to my fresh flower tips! Thanks Kate!


  1. Beautiful! Tulips are my favorite. Someone at work gave me a great tulip tip - if you put a few pennies in the vase it will delay that inevitable droopy tulip phase. I tried it out a couple of times and it works. My tulips were standing straight for longer!

  2. Kate- yes I love that tip! Thanks for the reminder, I should have linked to my fresh flower tips :)

  3. Tulips just say spring to me. My neighbor brought me over 2 dozen yellow tulips just before Easter. They were gorgeous. I only wish they would have lasted a little longer.


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