Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekend Planning

Trying one more time to revive Weekend Planning, let's give it the old college try!

  • Work all day
  • Go out to celebrate my brother's engagement (he proposed last night)

  • Go to Sam's Club
  • Clean out two cupboards in the kitchen (they are quickly getting dirty)
  • Get the old loveseat down to the basement and out of my kitchen!
  • Try to figure out a throw pillow solution for the new couch
  • Possibly go out with friends

  • Carl has an early AM flight
  • Clean clean clean! Including finishing deep cleaning the floors that started last week in my "Is Your House a Mess?" series so I can finish that up!
  • Get all the clean laundry put away
  • Get together the before and after pics for my family room reveal since all the furniture is in now- this includes having to turn on my dinosaur of a laptop who thought he was happily in retirement
What's on your to do list?


  1. I did a weekend planning today as well.. they really seem to help organize my crazy weekends.

  2. Congrats to your brother! Very exciting!

    My plans for the weekend: Work saturday. See in-laws Sunday. My BIL is coming in from Wyoming and we haven't seen him in months :)

    And, of course, clean my house!


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