Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is Your House a Mess Part III

The saga continues. And no, this isn't your sparkly vampire kind of saga. This is a real live one, in my house, although if Vampire Bill wants to stop by and help me clean, I'll happily open the door. No Edward though. He does not float my boat.

Anyway, where did we leave off? Ah yes. The bathrooms and my desk needed to be cleaned. Guess what? They were. By me. Take that mess! You've all seen my clean bathrooms probably more than anyone ever should, so I didn't take pics of them. If you new to this fine piece of bloggery or are just dying to know what they look like, click here. The desk on the other hand was looking really bad, so I did take a quick pic. Still a few to dos left on there, and it doesn't really look all that great, but so much better and manageable now!



So what's up next?

*Dust and vacuum living, dining and family rooms
*Wipe down appliances and cupboards in the kitchen
*Clean the bedroom- including bedding laundry....didn't get to that yesterday

Tomorrow will be the final day to get things done. And I'm gearing up to do a deep clean of the hardwoods. Oh how I despise it, but I love it when it's done! How are you doing on your house?


  1. My house is in desperate need of some spring cleaning. Do you have a spring cleaning plan/guide/checklist you follow?

  2. HA, I just have to say that I agree with you on Edward. What is UP with that?!

    Always love your blog! Great motivation!


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