Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy House Cleaning Challenge: Week 4

Crap. Life got in the way yesterday and I wasn't able to post. Bonus for you, our new addition this week will only be out of 6- but the next week we are back to 7! No slacking :) I profusely apologize for my inconsistency. We good now? Great! Glad to see you are here, just hope you weren't waiting by the computer all night ;)

So, it's week 4. First off, how did week 3 go? Are you keeping up? Just remember, it's not about being perfect. It's about improving! Make the effort and soon enough the tasks will become routine! I'll give my stats for last week.

Make the bed: 7/7
Empty the sink: 6/7 (I just straight up forgot one night) *Aaaand I forgot the bonus this week
Clear the Clutter: 7/7

Of course, don't forget to give me your stats in the comments, and feel free to leave your link if you are blogging about the challenge! But first, onward and upward to our addition for week 4. This one is VERY difficult for me. I'm going to have to work very hard. (And I won't lie that I'm a teensy bit happy that I didn't remember to post it last night because it gave me one more day before having to jump into this task)

Week 4: Sweep the Kitchen Floor!
Don't worry about mopping, this is just a dry sweep. Remember, this is a daily task, so it is just maintenance. Mopping is for a bigger kitchen clean, although you can always swap out one dry day for a wet day, I'm cool with that.

Let's Recap with our new task:
1. Make the Bed!
2. Empty the Sink! *Appliance Wipe Down (do it again :) )
3. Clear the Clutter!

4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor!

Before I go, I have lots of shout outs!! Way to go everyone, especially:
K La
Aunt Mary
Princess Christy
Briar Oak
Miss Mac

*Scouts honor, I'll be back on Thursday next week.


  1. Bed making is improving big time! As are dishes! The main living area is not always getting picked up at night, but it's getting picked up in the morning - since I teach piano lessons out of my home, this is an easy HAS to get done! Ready to sweep all that dog hair off the floor!

  2. Make the bed 7/7
    Empty the sink 7/7 (still haven't done the bonus though!)
    Clear the clutter 5/7 (there were a few nights I didn't put everything away)

  3. Make the bed: 5/7
    Empty the sink: 3/7 (oh, I am so bad at this one!)
    Clear the clutter: 4/7
    Bonus appliance wipedown: DONE!!!

    Hopefully I can keep this up. Kitchen Floor watch out -- you are about to be swept!

  4. Make the bed: 7/7
    Empty the sink: 7/7
    Clear the clutter: 6/7
    Bonus appliance wipedown:i wiped down the microwave once....heh...

    i know i'll be awful at sweeping every day...lucky for me I'll be outta town this week. ha

  5. I'm not doing so well on clearing the clutter. With still trying to unpack... I'm ADDING to the clutter instead of getting it away!
    Make the bed: 7/7
    Empty the sink: 5/7 (got everything rinsed, still no dishwasher!)
    Clear the clutter: 1/7

  6. Blogged update:

  7. I'm late posting, but here are my stats:
    Make the bed: 7/7
    Empty the sink: 7/7
    Clear the clutter: 5/7

    I already know the kitchen floor challenge is not going to be my best. =(

  8. I did good! However, I was at my parents for the I left the place clean and hoped my cat didn't destroy it. :) (He did a good job keeping it clean, so Hiro gets 3/3 for all of the weekend days!) AND I made our bed at my parents, so I should get bonus points, right? Looking forward to this week because I already sweep everyday! (Cat tracks litter, totally grosses me out...)

  9. Whew last week was crazy busy, but somehow still managed to go 7/7 on the bed making, 5/7 on the dishes, and 7/7 on the clutter. My downstairs is starting to look really good! Our kitchen is tiny so I'm going to bump this week up a bit by adding our attached tile dining room - hopefully that makes up the day I missed!

  10. Ok, I didn't do so great last week and I didn't even remember to check what this week's challenge was until today!!! Here are my stats:
    Make the bed: 6/7
    Empty the sink: 5/7
    Clear the clutter: 3/7
    Here's where I blogged about it:

  11. Yeah, it wasn't a great week for me either.

    Make the bed: 7/7
    Empty the sink: maybe once or twice
    Clear the clutter: nope

    Maybe this week will be different.


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