Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy House Cleaning Challenge: Week 5

I'm going to give it to you straight. Your fearless leader was a little less fearless this week. Yep, my own house scared me just a touch. My perfect record was shattered. I had a few mishaps. 1. For some reason, I completely forgot about the added sweeping task for a few days. 2. I fully intended on cleaning the sheets on the bed but forgot so the bed never got made....twice. Just goes to show (as I so often do) that I'm a real gal, with a real (busy) life. But that's what makes the game fun, right? So, here are my stats from last week.

Make the Bed: 5/7 (But I'm going for 7/7 next week!)
Empty the Sink: 7/7 (This one is hard for me to forget, lucky me)
Clear the Clutter: 7/7
Sweep the Floor: 4/7 (Eeek...again, promise to do better this week folks!)

Perhaps someone can make me feel better and remind me that not being perfect is normal. (I kid. Trust me, perfection is not normal!) But of course, share with me your results this week. I really do love seeing everyone participating! And with no further delay, week 5.

Week 5: Sort the Mail!

This task should be fairly easy. If you feel as though this is another daunting addition, refer to my previous post to give you some tips on how to really take charge of your snail mail. As I said before, it's ok if the mail isn't all "handled" just so long as it's in its spot. You don't need to pay each bill that comes in right away, just have a place on your desk to pay it later. The key is that your mail is organized and not just piling up!

Let's Recap with our new task:
1. Make the Bed!
2. Empty the Sink! *Appliance Wipe Down (do it again :) )
3. Clear the Clutter!

4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor!
5. Sort the Mail!

Got it? Good. I know you can handle this one! You are already doing so great...and to give you the accolades you so rightly deserve...

Aunt Mary
Princess Christy

Hmmm...we lost a few. Come back participants! We are almost half way done. And of course it's never too late to join!!!


  1. I forgot to check in last week! I'll post tomorrow though and update you. I'll come back with the link!

  2. Oh my gosh, I keep sucking!! The bed is finally getting made consistently, ha! And we already pick up daily since I work from home, but the dishes and floor, blech. However, I did totally clean out the fridge which made me way more sane, and I'm starting on the pantry, so the house IS getting cleaner!

  3. Oh man, I was bad this week. I blame it on a teething baby and company in town. Better next week!

    Make the bed: 4/7
    Empty the sink: 2/7
    Clear the clutter: 4/7
    Sweep the floor: 2/7

  4. So this week was a little rocky. Clearing the clutter was good, 7/7. Sweeping the kitchen floor was good to, 6/7 on that one. Clearing the kitchen sink was ok-ish, 4/7. That's more than half though, right?! Making the bed, on the other hand.....well, let's just say it suffered this week. 3/7. It hurts to type that. :)

  5. Make the bed 7/7
    Empty the sink 5/7 (better!)
    Clear the clutter 5/7 (better too, I just had to get it clean to start with!)
    Sweep the floor 2/7 Mopped and swept once, only swept one other time. Should have been more with two dogs instead of one!

  6. Make the bed: 6/7
    Empty the sink: 6/7
    Clear the clutter: 6/7 (I had a really bad Saturday, where I didn't do anything).

    Sweep the floor: 1/7- I'll freely admit that my worst chore is sweeping, so the fact that I even did it once, is amazing to me.

  7. Make the bed 7/7
    Empty the sink 7/7 - finally did the bonus appliance wipe down!
    Clear the clutter 6/7
    Sweep the floor a dismal 1/7 - but I totally forgot about it for like 3 days, so I could really say 1/4 which sounds better :)

  8. Make the bed 6/7
    Empty the sink 6/7
    Clear the clutter 7/7
    Sweep the floor 3/7 wow..I'm bad at sweeping. But I have two dogs that keep the floor pretty clean in between these few and far between sweepings.

  9. Blogged at

    I got motivated to make a list for my upcoming houseguest adventure, so I shared that too!

  10. Here's my update. I went on vacation, so my week was out of 4; since I was out of town for 3 nights! :)
    Make the bed: 4/4
    Empty the sink: 2/4
    Clear the clutter: 3/4
    Sweep the floor: 3/4

    For the most part, I was pretty good. Empty the sink is my downfall, since I hate dishes. That coupled with vacation made it unlikely for me to follow through.

  11. Make the bed 7/7
    Empty the sink 6/7 (one day we didn't have dishes!)
    Clear the clutter 3/7 (proving to be a challenge)
    Sweep the floor 0/7 - totally missed this one last week. My floors definitely look like I need to catch up :)

  12. Sorry I've been MIA, work, school, and moving this past weekend got the best of I'm a little behind...but this week I'm going to catch up in our new house :).
    It's kinda hard to tally since we're still unpacking.
    Bed Made 2/7...need to improve this one
    Empty the sink 5/7
    Clear the clutter...well it was all put into boxes ;)
    Sweep floor 4/7 - new hardwoods in the new place and a microfiber dust mop...I'm set for next week!
    I'll check in next week, going for 7/7 across the board!

  13. I'm back! I've been on vacation, which is why I haven't been participating. Starting again now and I'm going to try to add on these last two at once.


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