Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy House Cleaning Challenge: Week 6

Hooray hooray! We are past the half way mark. Does it feel good? It should. You've made it this far, there is no way I'll let you leave now bwahahahaha my dear friends :) Last time we did this challenge, this was the first week I could report my numbers as 7/7. Unfortunately, I can't say the same this go big goal is that by next week, I'm 100% 7/7. I've been a touch under the weather this week, so I just wasn't up to par, but that doesn't mean I'll give up...NEVER! :)

Make the Bed: 5/7
Empty the Sink: 6/7
Clear the Clutter: 6/7
Sweep the Floor: 3/7 (oops...again)
Sort the Mail: 7/7

Time to add a task I feel really confident about. I need a motivation booster. Something to get me out of this funk. (Really it doesn't matter...this was already chosen long ago, but I still like it)

Spray the Shower!

Get yourself a daily shower spray, and shower your shower with some clean goodness once a day. It's easy, because how can you forget? I mean, you do take a shower every day, right? My spray of choice is Arm & Hammer Daily Shower Spray. But, I like to cater to the greener cleaners as you know, so if you want to go that route, Method makes a daily shower spray as well. There are also lots of home solutions you can try as well. Spray shower doors with full-strength white distilled vinegar after you’ve squeegeed the glass, or before you step in and turn on the water. It will help release the hard water deposits so they don’t remain on the glass.

As always, time to recap:
1. Make the Bed!
2. Empty the Sink!
3. Clear the Clutter!

4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor!
5. Sort the Mail!
6. Spray the Shower!

And for my favorite part of the challenge, the shout outs!!!
Princess Christy
Ashley...where did you go ;)


  1. I am hanging in there...but not quite hitting perfection.

    Make the bed: 7/7
    Empty the sink: 5/7
    Clear the clutter: 4/7
    Sweep the Kitchen floor: 6/7
    Sort the Mail: 6/7 (I gave this job to hubby and forgot last night when he worked late :(

    Hopefully, spray the shower will be an awesome way to boost my numbers, since I already own a shower spray and typically do it every time!

  2. I did GOOD! 7/7 on all of them except the bed making. 6/7 on that one. (We had a baby-wake-up-at-5am day and I was draggin....) I am dreading this shower spray thing though. Our water is AWFUL and keeping my shower doors clean is a joke. So wish me luck....

  3. I did pretty well!
    Make the bed 7/7
    Empty the sink 7/7
    Clear the clutter 6/7
    Sweep the floor (dismal!) 2/7
    Sort the mail 6/7

  4. Ok, I did much better this week (ok 4 days...I joined back in on Sunday)
    Bed: 4/4...yay! (My hubby is helping with this one since I leave for work earlier than he wakes up!)
    Empty the sink: 3/4- one night everything wouldn't fit in the dishwasher, but they were rinsed!
    Clear the clutter: 3/4, but it got put away in the morning
    Sweep the floor: 4/4 :)
    Sort the mail: 1/4 well...need to work on this one, still getting mail at both places.
    Excited to keep it up this week!

  5. This was a really bad week for me. I honestly don't remember how many times things were done, so I can't really post any stats. I just wanted to say that I'm still following and that I plan on rejoining this week!

  6. 7/7 on everything except sweep the floor... 2/7 on that one. Not bad now that my whole house is spotless!

  7. Make the bed: 7/7 (Oh yeah!)
    Empty the sink: 3/7
    Clear the clutter:3/7
    Sweep the floor: 3/7
    Sort the mail: 6/7 (almost...)

    This shower one is going to be my downfall, I just know it. Maybe I will give that job to my husband. :) I will just concentrate on getting my numbers up on the other parts.

  8. Yeah! The stomach flu hit our house this week, but it was ok anyway!

    Bed: 7/7
    Empty the sink: 4/7
    Clear the clutter: 6/7 (but I did it in the morning sometimes...)
    Sweep the floor: 1/7 (I hate sweeping!!!)
    Sort the mail: 6/6 (we only get mail 6 days!)

    Spraying the shower should be an easy one!

  9. Ok.... the update was...
    Make the Bed: 5/7
    Empty the Sink: 7/7
    Clear the Clutter: 6/7
    Sweep the Floor: 2/7
    Sort the Mail: 7/7
    I'm pretty happy with most of it, since I also cleaned top to bottom. That was a lot of effort!

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  11. I'm here!


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