Monday, October 10, 2011

The Mantle: Complete Redo and Fall Decor

This was quite the work in progress, and it's the second and last piece to my teaser post the other day. One of the main priorities we had when looking for a house was that it had to have a fireplace. Check. It was one of the first places I decorated. This was actually after a few changes had been made from the original design.

And this is the most recent look.

I was ready for a major change. Pretty much immediately after we put up the round mirror, I wasn't liking it. As Carl stated "it's a mirror for nothing." He was right. Sadface. But I dealt with it for quite awhile. That is, until now. I convinced Carl it was time for a change, and he finally agreed to go with it. I usually need his buy in because I make him do the hanging, patching, painting, etc.

So, this reveal is a seasonal reveal, for obvious reasons. It's fall people! It's all about the fall decorating right now! So with no further ado....I give you, the new My Happy House Mantle. Momma's in love :)

I'll break it down for you.

1. The mirror is down and the frames are up now. I decided it would be OK to have some family photos up now for a few reasons. The largest family photo we had anywhere was a 5x7 and a few 4x6s from our wedding. Now that we have Cam and have had some professional family photos taken, I decided it was time to display them in a significant way.

2. The candlesticks, tea light holders, and clock all carried over to the new design. I've liked all those pieces since we got them and have no plans to get rid of them anytime soon!

3. The last piece of "regular" decor that will stay season to season are the new sconces. The old ones served their purpose, but were a little more ornate than I wanted. I wanted something sleek with clean lines. We bought two pillar holder sconces from Pottery Barn.
4. Tied to the sconces, are ears of Indian Corn. This was part of the reason I wanted sleek, simple lines for the sconces. I wanted to be able to dress them up for the holidays. I just used some twine and ivory ribbon to affix the corn to the sconce. I also used flameless candles here, these ones are orange for the season, so I wouldn't have any "burning down the house with my decor" issues.

5. The leaf is just a basic leaf garland and the gourds are just that, gourds. Pretty simple.

That's the breakdown of the fall/updated mantle. I can't wait to see what I can come up with for Christmas. But I'm telling myself to be patient. You definitely won't see a change until at least the Monday after Thanksgiving.

We made some other changes in the family room, but I think this post is long enough so I'll save that for another day. Soon...but another day.

p.s. I didn't forget about my Monday Morning Round Up. I'll be back later today with that! And I'll be posting an InLinkz for all your round ups too, so get to writing :)


  1. Looks amazing! The fall decor is spectacular too.

  2. That looks wonderful! We have a huge mantel (big fireplace flanked by built-in book cases) and there's nothing on it.

  3. Love the pictures hanging above the mantle. Might have to borrow that idea.

  4. Can we get a picture of the entire room with new mantle? Need to put it in perspective! Love it!

  5. Becca- absolutely! Carl's been out of town, so it's been a touch crazy around here. I should have the new family room layout post up no later than tomorrow!

  6. That looks great! Again, wishing I had a mantle. So much to decorate.

  7. looks great, i'm stopping by from the follower fest and would love for you to visit my blog and checkout the huge giveaway going on- xoxo nicole

  8. Found you from the follower fest -- love the mantle decor! So cute!

  9. Hello! I found your blog through the Follower Fest going on at Casey's. I'm now a follower of your blog too.

    Digger ~xoxo~

  10. Hi! New follower from followers fest! Love the decor!!

  11. Love this idea! You are so darn creative :) My husband and I are buying our first home and guess what, it has a fireplace! Eek! I cannot wait to read more of your blog to get more ideas on how to make my own home a "Happy House" :)

    Stopping by from Follow Fest! New follower! :)

  12. I'm totally digging the ears of corn tied to the sconces. And your so prepared I case famine strikes. Throw those suckers into the fire and voila, mantle decor turned survival food. genius


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