Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cozy Festive Family Room

Our family room is typically my favorite room in the house. It certainly is my favorite when it comes time to enjoy a cozy holiday evening. I broke this room down into two posts, because...well, I'm just going to be straight up honest with you. I have like 3 loads of laundry on my couch and Cam's toys are all over the place and I just don't have the energy to clean it all up and show you the other side. There. How's that for honesty? But I will show you the fireplace, which is my favorite part anyway!


  1. Oh I love your mantel. I wish we had a fire place. Your house is sooooo cozy.

  2. I was just about to say the same...I miss having a fire place, especially during christmas time.
    I guess there is no point of having one, when you live in Arizona!
    Great job in the mantel!

  3. It looks so great. Your tree is so warm and cozy and the entire room is just very inviting and festive!

  4. Beautiful! I'm so jealous of your fireplace.

  5. Love the arrangement of the frames over the fireplace! Everything looks great!


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